Let me give you a short recap of yesterdays events:

Here is my laptop lunch box (I always take this on field trips) makes me feel like a kid again! Surprisingly this meal filled me up, this was all we really had in the fridge, no fruit or meat..booo!

The field trip was a success!!!! We went to the county museum to take learn more about earthquakes, and now that I understand more about the fault lines, I AM CONSIDERING MOVING!!!! not really, but it is kinda scary. On average every 150 years we have had a 7.8 earthquake(A BIG ONE) and it’s been 350 years since the last one, so I am sure that in my life time we will have one. I think the event rose a lot of awareness about how to be prepared, I think some of my kids were even on TV.


During my break yesterday I played around with this program my friend Tammy sent me, to find the best hair cut for me. I know I have been telling you I want to cut my hair, but there hasn’t been an open Saturday until this weekend. Doesn’t this picture below look freaky face on Katie Cruize’s body…lol…not the hair cut of choice but I thought it was funny. I will post picture this weekend to show you my new look.


When I got home I had a nice fun box to open from Barney’s Butter!!! Thanks Kath for having this contest:) I was so excited about it, hubby and I tried it on the spot. What a wonderful nut butter, I love the crunchiness of it and the flavor was Delicious. Can’t wait to try it in the oatmeal.

Last night’s couple study was so fun! We just talked and laughed, I needed that more then anything. Everyone that has been around me this past week has been so kind and supportive, I am so blessed to be surrounded by compassionate people. We found out that my Uncle’s funeral will be on Tuesday in Arizona. We will be there for a couple days, I am praying for strength and comfort for my family.


This morning I was so proud of myself I woke up early and went on a nice tempo run!!!! My first one since marathon training. Last nights kickboxing really got my legs loose so I was feeling great. At first my legs were a little tight, which they always are at the beginning of a run but then as I warmed up, pumped the arms and blared the music I was speeding. I went on a 3 mile out and back, not my favorite I love loop runs better, but in my neighborhood there are a lot of hills so matter which way I go out I am climbing. My philosophy on hills is this, see it tackle it, charge off of it and sprint out. Try not to lose your momentum after a big hill by doing five quick feet after and keep PUMPIN those arms. Hills are nothing but challenges to conquer don’t let them win!!!

Piling On the MILES

Distance: 6 miles
avg pace: 8:20
max pace: 6:07
total calories: 709!

this week total mileage: 17.5 miles:)

Tonight I am hitting the Hot Yoga Room with my bag of cloths to donate. I am excited because hubby is going out on a ride along with a cop friend until 2am, so I get to come home and clean!!! I know most of you might not think that’s exciting but I love having the house to myself once in a while to blast the music and clean like crazy….This week has been an emotional rollercoaster so I think cleaning will be quite therapeutic, and my house is a MESS so it’s a good thing I am in the mood:)

Have a great Friday, and remember life is short make the most out of every minuet!!!!

OOOOO almost forgot my breakfast!!!! An egg pizza mmmm…and a half banana whole wheat muffin, with Barney’s:)


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