New Kitchen Toys & Glowing

Is it already Thursday?! This week has just flown by! I am still staying strong with the Crazy Sexy Diet and I am already on day 10! I have been playing in the kitchen and it feels so good!

I finally busted out another great gift from Hubby, a spiralizer!!!!


Hello zucchini pasta! It’s so easy to use and works like a charm. I think I should do a fun video on this Winking smile


I tried out a vegan meatball recipe, but it wasn’t my favorite. I did love the pasta and Portobello mushrooms though.


Lots and lots of sexy salads have been had this week. I LOVE Trader Joe’s Greek Goddess dressing, it’s so good Smile


Lots of layers were had this week with all kinds of fun scarves! I am working on that fashion page friends thanks for the encouragement Smile




…and the GLOW is BACK!!!!! I remember the last time I did the Crazy Sexy Diet, my skin was so soft and I was glowing (well I was a bit tanner back then too Winking smile ).


It must be a little GREEN JUICES I have been drinking! Have you checked out my CSD recipes on my recipe page?


Since on the diet, we have a had a couple work outings, mostly breakfast! I have ordered big bowls of oatmeal with a side of fruit. It hasn’t been easy, but it hasn’t been that hard this time around either.


Especially when I get to eat yummy oats like these?!!! Did I tell you guys how LOVE GROWN now has a new line of HOT OATS!


Oh and I had to resist the best COOKIES on the planet! BIGGEST TEMPTATION this WEEK!


It’s been an interesting and pretty exhausting week. From my boss leaving at work, started training 4 new clients, first week of the NROL, started the New Years Shred (which everyone is rocking) and fighting a cold (I won thank goodness)! But I have had so much energy and I am ready for the WEEKEND!!!!!!

What is your biggest temptation at work or at home?


4 responses to “New Kitchen Toys & Glowing”

  1. Ooh that thing is so cool! I didn’t even know something like that existed, haha. My newest kitchen tool is a pineapple peeler and corer… it’s about the coolest thing ever!!! The first time I used it, I was seriously: “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, this is AWESOME!”

  2. Glad the CSD is working for you! I wish I could get into that but I simply don’t have the necessities. Boo! And I can’t wait to see your fashion page; I always love what you wear!

  3. How cool that you got a spiralizer! I have been wanting to try that recipe. I may just shred my veggies.

    My biggest temptation is probably going out to eat, I am always tempted with too many glasses of wine and too big of portions.

  4. You are always glowing my dear! But so glad you are feeling top notch again. Happy Weekend!