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Bobbi, I MUST try these pancakes. My all-time favorite food 🙂 Thanks for the mention. Loving your blog. xoLexie

Those pancakes look great. I’m pinning this to try later.
I love lifting. I love it more than cardio for sure. I am hesitant to buy it because I think you need some gym equipment which I don’t have in my home. I’m interested in seeing how you like it.

I loved NROLFW, it was my intro to strength training and I haven’t look back since, love me some lifting!!

I am doing NROLFW right now! Almost done. With stage one.

I need to get back into doing weights. I think I should check out this book to help me get started 🙂 Thanks!

Those sound great and I’d really like some of that juice right now!

I love strength training, I prob do it more than cardio 🙂

I have heard good things about NROLFW, so I am interested to hear your opinion. I am so bad at keeping up with strength training.

yes i think you should have a fashion page! you are adorable and have great outfits 🙂

Can I come over and join you for a few lifting sessions? I’m going to be back in Palm Springs starting next week for work!

I plan to tackle this book (I already own it and have for a while) in between training this summer for the marathon in October 🙂

I have heard of the New Rules of Lifting for Women–I am a big fan of Alwyn Cosgrove and his wife Rachel (I have her book The Femal Body Breakthrough)–they’re workouts are always intense! I’m interested to know about the eating plan…

I strength train about 3-4 times a week; it’s tough but I know it’s good for me.

These sound sooo good! I love Morning Glory muffins, but never thought about the idea in a pancake. Brilliant!

I have heard of NROL for women, but haven’t read about it for myself . . . I’ll be curious to hear what you think about it as you go through all the workouts! Be sure to recap your thoughts! 🙂

Those pancakes are looking wonderful 🙂 And YES to the fashion “station” on the blog. Sounds like a wonderful idea!

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