NHS Holiday Shred 2014

Hello Friends!

It’s that time to once again announce the NHS HOLIDAY SHRED 2014 is here!

So many of you have been wondering when the Holiday Shred 2014 was going to be… well, here it is! Beautifully wrapped and waiting for you! This year’s NHS HOLIDAY SHRED 2014 will run Sunday, November 16 – Saturday, December 27, 2014 – That’s another six wonderful holiday-reffic weeks!!! SIGN-UP HERE!

Following this year’s amazing Summer Shred, I sent out a survey to all Summer Shredders asking their opinion of how we can make these Shreds even better together… and did you guys respond in a BIG way! Hearing back from you guys has helped me in specially crafting this year’s Holiday Shred.

You guys gave such incredible feedback on things you want to see added, things you wanted more/less focus on, meal prep challenges, and the love of those workout videos! You will definitely see some changes in this Holiday Shred from your suggestions and see additional changes to future Shreds… even Shreds that you don’t know about yet 😉

With that being said, here’s the focus of the Holiday Shred:

Family + Food + Travel + Food + Parties + Party Food + Kids Out of School + Stress Eating + Black Friday Shopping + Eating OutTime = “Holiday Pounds”

“Holiday Pounds” + Holiday Shred 2014 = Healthy & Maintained

This year’s NHS Holiday Shred is to encourage you to stay healthy, make ‘better’ food choices, and maintain your weight during the holidays instead of gaining those 3-10 ‘Holiday Pounds’.

If you are wanting to lose weight with this Shred… that’s great, YOU CAN… however, improved fitness and maintaining your weight is a lot easier with our busy schedules and all the pressure around the holidays. Now, I’m not saying NOT to partake in some wonderful holiday spreads, just simply eat responsibly and don’t settle for stagnant.

Following this Holiday Shred will be the NHS New Year’s Shred 2015 where you can take your training to the next level as you work closer on completing your personal health & fitness goals for 2015!

// Shopping Lists & Meal Plans:
These will be a bit different than the past Holiday Shreds. You will receive a list of breakfast ideas, lunch ideas, snacks and 6 weeks worth of dinner ideas. I will be encouraging you to sit down every Sunday and Meal Plan using all of the wonderful suggested meals! My hope is that these ideas will help you to EAT CLEAN without feeling restricted as well as making your life a whole lot easier through the holiday season. I wanted to make these meals as simple, but still delicious, as possible.

These Meal Plans can be utilized by those with allergies and/or intolerances and is great for people who are: Celiac, Pescatarians, Dairy Free and basically anyone who consumes food. If you wish not to follow these meals, the food choices are completely up to you, however, I would recommend for you to choose foods on the Clean Food List and the required amounts as listed on the plan. This allows you to eat clean at each meal while making it specific to your lifestyle.

// Workouts:
After the feedback you guys provided, I am taking it back to the original Bobbi Bootcamp and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts! The weeks will be broken up in chunks… Weeks 1 & 2 will be the same, Weeks 3&4 the same, and Weeks 5&6 the same. This way you can challenge yourself in the second week of each set to STEP IT UP a notch and really be intentional about the movements!

There will also be a 5k and 10k beginner and intermediate Running Plan to help you train for a virtual Christmas Eve Morning race! (BIB included)

We will have a Facebook group and email access where we can go over the workouts, share tips & ideas with follower Holiday Shredders and most importantly, form the mindset needed to make it happen and KEEP GOING. There will also be video links to all the workouts moves.

// Prizes!
We will be giving away lots of prizes through this Shred. There will be more details to come about how to win each week, but here’s what we will be giving away…

– Refresh Attire clothing
– Amazon Gift Cards
– Entry to New Year’s Shred 2015, and so much more!

// 24-Hour Contact with Your Personal Trainer – ME!
I will be available to answer any of your questions that you might have or offer tips if you are needed some help. You will be given access to the NHS Holiday Shred Facebook page where you can ask me or get support from fellow shredders and you can always e-mail me at nhershoes@gmail.com.

The NHS Holiday Shred Facebook page is a GREAT place for motivation & inspiration, a place to share tips that have worked for you and a place for that can help hold you accountable. Weekly Check-Ins through this Facebook Group is also encouraged.

– A Facebook account is highly recommended so you can access the private NHS Holiday Shred Group, but it is not mandatory as everything will be posted & email weekly.
– Dumbbells or Kettlebells (Ranging from 8-15lbs)
– Stability Ball
– Box Jump or Step (or a place in the house that you can use as a Step-Up)
– Jump Rope
– Timer (Tabata Timer is a plus)
– Occasional Access to an Open Space or Track
– Determination
– Dedication
– A good attitude and mindset

You will receive a ‘receipt of payment’ email once you have enrolled.

Once we have received a notice from PayPal that payment has been received and cleared, a Welcome Packet that will be sent to you by November 14th and including a link to join the Facebook group.

If your PayPal account has an e-mail address that you don’t access often and/or is not an email that is associated with your Facebook account, please write your email address you want us to use in the NOTES portion of your PayPal registration.

All of the needed information regarding the workouts and meals will be shared via email and in the Facebook Group. These plans come weekly as PDF documents as well as links to private videos from me!

To sign up for the Holiday Shred for $40 and/or to share this link with a friend, CLICK HERE. ( http://goo.gl/YPhjOv )


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  1. Are the meal plans for more than one person? Thanks!