NROL Stage 3 {Recap}

Hi Friends! Well it was a great 3 weeks of stage 3 and I am ready to move on to stage 4 (which is really a lot of stage 2)! I was really hoping to see a little more results after this stage, but all in good time….

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The Workouts

Stage 3 went by so fast! It was very similar to Stage 2 with a total of 8 workouts (4 of Workout A and 4 of Workout B), but there was a tad more variety in each set.

The YTWL move would probably go down as my least favorite move of them all!!! It was just killer, the T’s by far were the hardest and I couldn’t move up in weight!  Ouch. It was the one I would loved to have skipped, if it wasn’t for the fact that I knew I hated it for a reason – because it worked. On the flip side, the reverse wood chop was my favorite.

The body-weight matrix at the end of Workout A was nice change-up to the typical routine with squats and lunges. It brought me back to circuits, which you all know I love!  The lunges (and jumping lunges) killed my glutes every time, I would walk away with JELLO legs!!!


Stage 3

Workout A

One Arm Dumbbell Snatch
Workout 1-15lbs
Workout 4-25 lbs

Dumbbell Single-Leg Deadlift
Workout 1-15 lbs
Workout 4-20 lbs

Barbell Bent Over Row
Workout 1-40 lbs
Workout 4-60 lbs

Dumbbell Single Overhead Squat
Workout 1: 8/12 lbs
Workout 4:10/20 lbs

Dumbbell Incline Bench Press
Workout 1-20 lbs
Workout 4-30 lbs

Reverse Wood Chop
Workout 1-40 lbs
Workout 4-50 lbs

Workout B

Barbell Deadlift Bent Over Row
Workout 1-40 lbs
Workout 4-60 lbs

Wide-Grip Lat Pulldown
Workout 1-60 lbs
Workout 4-85 lbs

Back Extenstion
Workout 1-10 lbs
Workout 4-20 lbs

Workout 1-8 lbs
Workout 4-10 lbs


*Note these are not all of the workouts from the plan, these are just the ones where I could track my weight increases.

Ok so enough about the numbers, what about how I feel any results?

Remember I am not taking measurements, but instead I am just taking some photos. I really just want to really tone up before summer! Remember I HATE the scale, so I am not really stepping on it, but I did for a moment and have thankfully just maintained my current weight, thought it might it go up from muscle Winking smile

So here are a few side by side photos from stage 2 to stage 3:


Not a huge difference, but I do see my abs popping a bit!!


Once again, nothing huge but I think my back may be getting a little more definition?


I really really want a 4 pack! I know it’s a silly goal, but I eat good work hard and I am determined! Overall I feel great! I have missed a little kickboxing here and there, but have loved the weight training. As I start my MARATHON TRANING this week, I will be cutting down to just doing NROL 2 days a week until the marathon is over. I want to make sure to give my body proper rest!

So what about my eats??? lately I have been making a big batch of sweet potato’s in the crock pot and enjoying them with veggies and a wonderful piece of tilapia with avocado! Have you tried COCONUT BUTTER in your sweet potatoes, amazing!!!!


A lot of folks asked where I get my Tupperware for my lunches, they are from Target! Love the little compartments. I usually pack it with a big sexy salad, carrots, and some avocado and hardboiled egg salad! Much more combinations to come!!


This salad is so easy 4-5 hardboiled egg whites (you can leave the yolk in there if you would like), chopped tomatoes, spinach, a little Chobani, garlic powder, pepper, and whatever seasonings you would like to add. SO GOOD! This would be great in a salad, on crackers, in celery and so on.


I am also loving a big can of vegetable soup with a 1/4 cup canned salmon or tuna, so filling!


Also veggie chili and a big sexy salad is always a good lunch option!


As for a snack, QUEST BAR was so awesome and sent me these amazing protein bars that I can’t get enough. Thy are packed with some wonderful ingredients and 20 grams of protein! I love all the wonderful flavors, so far the Banana Walnut and Strawberry Cheesecake are a few of my faves! Oh and another plus is that it’s GLUTEN FREE!!!!


ok off to bed friends! I have a 4:10 am wake up call!!! Headed out for some speed work tomorrow, let the dedication begin!!


3 responses to “NROL Stage 3 {Recap}”

  1. You can see a total change between the stages (Although you looked great from day 1). Nice job. That 4 pack is sure to come. Abs on women… they are so stubborn!

  2. I thought you looked great before you ever started! 🙂 I am finally learning that this whole building muscle process may take longer than my race training. I want me some abs too!

  3. You can definitely see more definition. Congrats!
    Thanks for all your posts on NROL, I bought the book last week and have just started reading it.