NYE,Blogger Meet up, and Yummy FOOD!

Happy new year! I have already started off my NY on a good foot.


Our NYE was a lot of fun. I started off the day with a 5 mile run, where I LOST 60 dollars!. Ok maybe it didn’t start so great. You see I was running an errand for hubby, literally running. I pinned the money to my shorts and when I went to reach for the money it was gone!!! I was freaked out, and ran back to follow my footsteps as best as possible, but it was a beautiful day and there were people walking everywhere!!!! I knew it was gone, I should have got a fanny pack for Christmas. Then after this tragic loss( I am hoping a homeless person found it) I headed over to my friend Christina’s house for a gym workout, she has weights a punching bag and a great radio system, we kicked a$$!!!! What a great way to finish the year.

We then started off the evening at Islands, a burger joint that I had never been to. I was smart and checked out the menu before we went, I got GRILLED VEGGIE TACOS, Whole wheat tortillas stuffed with a variety of grilled vegetables and cheese, topped with roasted corn, black beans,avocado w/ sides of salsa & Island slaw. With a glass of water. I was satisfied. The tacos were yummy I could so make this at home.

december27th 011december27th 009

december27th 008

We then headed over to Knott’s Berry Farm where we enjoyed rollercoaster’s, swings, carnival games and concerts. Around 8pm I started to get a little hungry(or my stomach was a little queasy from the rides), I brought a yummy orange from our tree. It was so juicy and delicious!

december27th 019

The rides:

december27th 017

december27th 025 december27th 026

Look at me on the right in the video:

I miss the bumper cars:)

december27th 033 

december27th 042

Kate, Ginger, Me, and Danielle BFF’s Since Elementary 

december27th 040

We all started to get a little chilly around 10pm so we got some hot chocolate and coffee. 

december27th 051 december27th 047

december27th 049

Here is a video of our countdown:

On our drive home I wanted so badly to stop by Taco Bell (late night munchies craving), WHAT WAS WRONG WITH ME! I am so glad I had a LARABAR in my purse!

december27th 053


Started off the NY with a boot camp! Got up had some toast nd PB with creamless coffee, that’s right I am giving up creamer for the NY. Are you giving up anything? I am toying with the idea of becoming a vegetarian going to try it out. I got to the gym at 9am where there were six of us ready to sweat! We did everything from focus mitts, jump rope, kicks, burpees, squats, abs, and more. It was a great hour and a half workout. I am sure piling on the points for the HBBC!

When I got home I was starving but had nothing but leftovers! We were going over to the Bowies that afternoon so I was saving my appetite. Melissa and I decided to put together our recipe books while the boys watched football.

december27th 006 december27th 015

december27th 010

The doggies played and drank a little:)

december27th 018 december27th 009

We were sick of eating out so we decided to hit the market and pick up some stuff to make for dinner. We decided on a fun Turkey burger recipe.


Cilantro, Onion, and Bell Pepper Turkey Burgers: Super easy!

Chop up the cilantro, onion, and red bell pepper and mix it into the turkey meat. SOOOO good! Add garlic powder or just  a little salt.

december27th 001

december27th 002

december27th 004

The way that it’s all added into the burger makes every bite amazing! I also made some sweet potato fries for the side. We topped it off with lettuce, more onion, and avocado.

december27th 008

and I had one to many of these, like 3! They were yummers! Pomegranate Lemonade x 2 and a Cranberry Lemonade.

december27th 003 december27th 007

We finished the night with games(apples to apples) and some of these bad boys! TJ’s Dark Chocolate Covered Peppermint Joe Joe’s. I only had a bite and gave the rest to hubby. It was peppermint heaven.

december27th 017 december27th 016


This morning I was up early, first time in almost two weeks. Hubby had the coffee ready, and I was set for a trail run with running buddy Rachel. Hubby joined us, but ran on his own. It felt great to get out on the trail and chat a little with another health gooroo! After our 3.5 mile run, I headed over to a local coffee shop where I had a blogger meet up with Melissa from Trying to Heal!!!! She is on her way to Florida to spend 6 weeks in the middle of nowhere doing GIS stuff:) She’s as sweet and nice as her blog leads on to! We chatted about life,running,food, and blogging it was great! This was my first blogger meet up and I hope to have many more. Excuse the bad hair I just got done with a RUN!

december27th 021

Melissa brought me a yummy treat too! I ate half of it right after we left, so chewy and sweet!

december27th 020

I then headed over to the SPA for my facial (a gift from my kickboxing boss). It was nice, but I would have rather had an hour massage. After the facial I swung by TJ’s for some GROCERIES about time. I just got a few things, tofu, snap peas, almond milk, Puffins(can’t wait to try), bread,tortillas,veggies,cranberries,and some bananas. I was starving so I made a bowl of Campbell’s Select Harvest Light Maryland-Style Crab Soup. I have to say there was NOT MUCH CRAB, I was sooo disappointed. I had to add some salt and pepper was kind of bland.

december27th 022 december27th 023

Now I am blogging and catching up on some Law and Order SVU.

The rest of the day I plan to stay in my PJ’s and put away all the Christmas decorations. I also want to clean the bathrooms, figure out my plan for Boston, and read in the bathtub:)

Have a great FRIDAY NIGHT everyone!


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