This week I started work. It’s a week of inservice, lots of meetings,lots of sitting, and lots of cleaning. The week started out great and then today had to happen. I decided to take the bus today, which is great and I am started to get the hang of it. But as I am rushing out the door I jumped on my bike and to my surprise my back tire was flat..phooey ok so I decide to take my car to the bus stop and leave it there. Made it on time, things were looking up. I started reading a new book on the bus and things were looking good. Took two deep breaths and I was ready for the day. As I stepped off the bus my water bottle got tangled so I was trying to deal with it, then all of a sudden I kicked the crap out of the crappy cracked sidewalk! I was immediately in shock, and then I looked down at my toe and it was bleeding profusely. The first thought that flew through my head was “O sh*t I hope this doesn’t hurt my running” then I looked at it more carefully and saw that I had split my big toe. Now as much as I wanted to post a picture I thought I would leave it up to your wonderful imaginations what my bloody toe looks like:)

It hurt so bad, and I haven’t hurt myself this bad since I was a kid, and even then I have never witnessed so much blood. I know all of you are thinking, what the crap she’s never gotten cut or fallen before. The answer is yes, I was a pretty lucky kid I guess, because I was quite the clutts as a kid, and now as a grown up I guess too. What’s even funnier is that my coworker was telling me the day before how all kids skin their knees and stubb their toes, but you don’t see grown ups walking around with skinned knees anymore, and then I go and do this.

I think the best part of all this is how much I realized how precious my feet are too me. I mean I love them and I don’t treat them as well as I should. They get me everywhere, and I just beat them up and take them for granted. I should be ashamed of myself. With this injury I am more aware then ever how important it is for me to be careful with these wonderful tools for the future. If I want to be active, shoot even walk then I need to be more careful. Thank God I can walk ok and I think if I bandage my toe enough I wont have any problems running either, but just a warning to all, treat your feet with some respect or else you never know what might happen.


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