Office Christmas Party

Oh man am I stuffed or WHAT?!!!

Our office party started with these yummy Pita Chips and Salsa I had a lot a few handfuls.

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Lunch arrived at 12:30! One of my co-workers Hubby’s is a chef and he was so kind and made us all the most wonderful lunch. 

Twice baked potatoes

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Green Beans 

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Huge Salad 

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My plate of all the goods. I ate a nice size portion and took off the cheese on the potato..oh and also had a friends potato peel 🙂 I AM SO STUFFED! 

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After lunch we did a Yankee Swap..  

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and chatted for a while about Christmas plans and such. 

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No sweets for this girl I am holding out for dessert tonight! One more hour of work and then off to more Holiday festivities!!!!


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