Our Fun Free Friday Night

Last night my plans were thrown out the window when Hubby suggested we go out to the out door mall and have dinner! I was a little nervous on where we could eat out that would be safe for me, every dinner place has SALT! We decided on PF Chang’s and I just hoped for the best.

There was a long wait so Hubby and I were playing…

Picture 308

Picture 310

I FOUND SOMETHING! I ordered the steamed veggies and tofu + brown rice. (sorry about the no flash it was sooooo dark in there).


After we enjoyed our dinner we headed over to Vitamin World to shop around a bit. I am a little skeptical about Multi-vitamins, but I love learning all about them. We ended up leaving with a multi-vitamin for hubby and some Probiotic for me.

Picture 312

After our LONG visit at V-World we decided to shop a little and then ended up in Borders Book Store. We love going in there and just finding a few books to read and relaxing for a few hours, I lived in Borders all through college!

Picture 315

Picture 319

I had a cup of Tropical Caffeine Free Tea. I grabbed a couple magazines and some cook books and I was set.

Picture 313 

Hubby grabbed a bunch of Graphic Design Books of course :).

Picture 314

I love the quote in this book, it’s talking about Power Bar Vs.Avocados and how the Power Bar has 200 calories and only 2 grams of fat but the Avocado has 400 calories and 14 grams of fat, so most people choose the Power Bar. “But the body regards these two items differently. To the Power Bar, it says, “ That’s sugar and chemicals which I can’t break down. That will cause me to store waste and gain weight.” But to the Avocado it says, “ Oh I know exactly what to do with you. I can break down completely!”

Picture 316


This morning I am headed to “Hot” yoga with some friends! Then I hope to tackle that task list!

Have a fun Saturday friends!


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