I am so glad it’s almost Thursday, I have so many things I can’t wait to check off my Google task list this weekend!! I know that it’s sad that I look forward to lists on the weekend…but I love it! image

  • Get caught up on AD stuff
  • Prep for TacOberfest (fun taco night with friends)
  • Pumpkin Patch
  • Hot Yoga with BFF
  • Teach Kickboxing

For dinner tonight I made a super easy and colorful meal! I had to bust out all the pans because I have to make dinner for Hubby too 🙂

Picture 276

Dinner was inspired by this Brown Rice Spaghetti. 

Picture 277

I first sautéed some tofu with EVOO, Parsley, and some Fresh Rosemary.  

Picture 278

Steamed some veggies…

Picture 284

and roasted some Cherrie tomatoes from our garden. 

Picture 285

While dinner was cooking I made up a yummy Mocktail. I received these wonderful POM juices last week and I am happy to report I can drink them on the Detox.

Picture 281

I used a little POM , Pomegranate Kiwi Juice and some fresh club soda from my Soda Stream Machine. 

Picture 282


Picture 283

I loved all the color in my meal tonight, there is something about presentation that I just adore.

Picture 286

I added a little Goat Cheese on top to add a little creamy texture. It was a prefect compliment to the tomatoes, when it melted it was kind of like a creamy red marinara, kinda. 

Picture 287

Picture 288

I made Hubby one of his favorites, WW Pasta with Ground Turkey. Of course his favorite part is the Marinara Sauce and CHEESE

Picture 292

After dinner I headed over to scrapbook with the BFF’s. I got two pages done tonight…

More of our Chicago Trip..

Picture 294

and our “Day of Fun”. I remember this day like it was yesterday, Hubby and I had only been dating a couple weeks and decided to have one full day from top to bottom of just FUN for the two of us. It started with Putt Putt and then ended with Baseball of course!

Picture 295

I am scrapbooking the “Story of Us”, I wanted to capture our story from beginning to now..might take some time.

I get to sleep in tomorrow (6:30). I contemplated getting up early to lift weights since I am running in the afternoon, but I know that my body needs the rest!!

Good Night friends, see you all in the morning!


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