This is what happens when you run a half marathon, have back to back brunch/lunch dates, and sit in the hot tub for hours..


I didn’t even know Hubby took this picture until I saw my phone this morning!!! I am not sure why Bosco was so tired he didn’t do anything yesterday, but it is pretty darn cute.

Last night we did manage to go get some Froyo before I passed out! My body was seriously craving sweets, and that never happens! So I listened:) I got 1/2 cake batter,1/2 peanut butter frozen yogurt topped with almonds granola, peanut butter and chocolate syrup! This hit the SPOT!


I am not sure what time I fell asleep last night, but I do know that when I woke up this morning I felt GREAT!!! I am actually not that sore from yesterdays run just a little pain behind my left knee. I plan on doing some yoga sometime today after I get the day going. I am awake and ready to finally tackle that monster to-do list!! I love Google tasks!

This is where I will be for the next couple of hours…


….and then I will tackle a major HOUSE CLEAN!!! We have a birthday dinner for my Grandma tonight and then we are playing softball at 6pm. I haven’t touched a softball in over 4 months, I am a little nervous!!!!

Things to come on NHERSHOES…

  • Readers Challenge Results
  • Situp and Pushup challenge
  • Revisiting My New Years Resolutions
  • FAQ’s
  • If you have left a question in the comments and I haven’t answered it please let me know, email me at Thanks!!!


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