Perks of the Job

My view from work:) I love working in the mountains!


Working at a camp has a lot of wonderful benefits! Like for instance this morning Hubby and I swam laps together at our camps pool. I haven’t swam laps in quite a while. When I did waterpolo in high school I always dreaded swim days. Swimming is quite an exhausting workout, after 20 laps I was pooped! It did felt great through , and I love how lately I have been able to really mix up my workouts!!!

It was another great day at work, I met some MORE people and the day flew by! My schedule for eating is a little different, I used to not eat until 1pm and now I am eating at 12pm, so I haven’t been eating my morning snack or afternoon snack. It will take some time to adjust.

I brought my Green Monster to work in a cooler(sorry no pic) and it stayed nice and cold! My boss even tried it and she loved it! I think Jay’s protein really fueled me up!  Hubby and I had lunch together again today, such a perk to the job! We carpooled home and I knew exactly what I was making for dinner, TACOS!!!

Tonight was Taco Tuesday 🙂

food 402

I had two healthy and delicious tacos! Two small ww tortillas,ground turkey, lettuce,black beans,salsa,corn,little cheddar,Greek yogurt, and avocado!

food 404

mmmm…..perfect and light, I know dessert will be in store for tonight!!!

Hubby has a softball game tonight so I will be catching up on some blogger stuff,writing my post for Breathe, and getting through my Google reader 🙂 Who knows, I might even do some Yoga!

I love all the comments on the Amazing Grass Giveaway keep them coming!!! Giveaway ends on Sunday!  Oh by the way I am going to start the Jillian’s “Making the Cut Challenge” on Monday!!!



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