Monday Monday Monday..

Morning beauties! I thought I would be real honest with you all this morning about something. I have one major PET PEEVE! If you have follow my blog you know that I am a very busy women, but I am NEVER too busy for family friends. So what’s my pet peeve? When people say, “Oh your just so busy, I know it’s too hard for you to hang out”. The thing that makes me most frustrated is when those people have not CALLED me to hang out and give me a chance to make plans! I love hanging out with people, and I really try hard at making sure I NEVER neglect that time with them.  Ok, sorry my rant is over! I just had to get that off my chest.

Alright on to better and brighter things :). This week I am setting some mini-goal for the week. ENJOY EVERY MINUTE OF EVERYDAY! I know that this is a huge goal, not so mini, but I feel like I have been rushing a lot lately and not truly enjoy the small things in life. So what does this look like?

  • Watching one sunrise this week
  • Lay in bed for an extra 5 minutes before I get up to pray for my day.
  • Bake something for someone
  • Sing in the shower
  • Play with Bosco for at least 10 minutes everyday
  • I need more ideas?????

For breakfast I made a warm bowl of oats.

Picture 362

I made a basic bowl of whipped banana oats and added some wonderful toppings.

  • peanuts
  • small carrot raisin muffin
  • Bobbi’s Granola Greatness
  • sliced banana
  • apple butter
  • scoop of FAGE

Picture 363

Question: What’s one of your biggest pet peeves??


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