While Hubby worked on the yard tonight I relaxed inside while dinner was cooking. I had my own little “cocktail hour”, crackers, cheese, and fresh grapes from our vein.

Picture 886

Bosco was the best sue chef. 

Picture 888

Home-made pizza is the best!!! I love how easy and cheap this honey wheat crust is to make!!! 

Picture 889

Tofu on  pizza is my favorite! 

Picture 892

I had a side of fresh sliced peaches

Picture 893

Most of the veggies on my pizza was from our garden :).

Picture 894

Picture 895

I stole one of Hubby’s Jell-O’s for dessert, oops! 

Picture 897

Time to relax with Hubby and watch some Law and Order!!!

Game Plan for Tomorrow:

  • Give the new shoes a workout
  • Pancakes or French Toast
  • Plan out Week
  • Church
  • Work on Cross Country and AD stuff
  • Finalize Plans for Skinny Brides Wedding Shower
  • Post August Fridge
  • Fun Dinner
  • REST



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