Presenting the Second Annual PILE ON THE MILES CHALLENGE. I can hardly believe it’s been a year since our last one! This year I am teaming up with Caitlin from the “Healthy Tipping Point” and we are adding a little Operational Beautiful to the challenge!

Let me back up and give you a little back ground on the POTM Challenge.

"Soon enough, you’ll be chowing down on scrumptious pumpkin pie, stuffing and other yummy Thanksgiving Day eats. But those delicious goodies may come with some extra pounds. Want to keep away that unwelcome weight? Then join the Pile on the Miles challenge.

Whoever logs the most miles between November 1st and the day after Thanksgiving will be crowned the winner and as a bonus—will most likely keep those unwanted pounds at bay. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and start piling on those miles!"

Last year, the event had amazing results.  As a group, we piled  on 1,763.52 miles!  In third place was Lacey @ Common Objects and Everyday Events with 127 total miles; in second place was Monica @ Run, Eat, Repeat with 131.38 total miles; and the winner, Sammie @ Running With A Recipe, ran 135.78 total miles!

From November 1 to Thanksgiving, keep track of how many miles you run or walk.   We’ve created a group Google Document so you can post your miles on the spreadsheet.  Be honest! 

To ensure everyone has a chance to win, we’ll be selecting three winners this time. 

  • The Grand Prize winner will be based on total mileage.
  • To qualify for the General Entry category, all you have to do is pile on at least 10 miles during the month of November!
  • To qualify for the Operation Beautiful entry, you must spread the Operation Beautiful love while out on your runs.  Get creative – carry chalk with you, bring post its, or write it in the sand.  But you’ve got to take a picture and e-mail it to me!

Last year I piled on 45.3 miles, I know that I am going to blow that number out of the water!

The POTM 2009 Challenge is a great way to stay motivated, participate in the blog world, have fun, and be healthy during the holiday season! If you’d like to participate, e-mail me at and I’ll send your the link to the Google Document spreadsheet.  You have until October 31, 2009 to enter!

  • Note 1: Yes, POTM is a runner-specific challenge, but we still love all of you non-runners, too. 
  • Note 2:  You don’t need a blog to enter – anyone can!

POTM 2009!  Remember, if you want to participate, you must e-mail me (


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