Proteins, Carbs, & Fats

Rise and Shine folks 🙂

Man, I think I slept over 9 hours last night…oops! It felt great and now I am energized and ready to teach some little kids at church.


We are running 9 miles today after church, so I made sure to have a very filling breakfast. I enjoyed two slices of Ezekial Bread + One Egg White +One Sunny Side Egg + an Avocado.


On the side I devoured a fresh orange picked right off our tree 🙂




So the 14 week Kettlebells Challenge is well on it’s way. So far I have gone to two weeks of Kettlebells and have really enjoyed it. I haven’t noticed a huge difference, but I know it will come all in good time. I do know that next week I will be going up in weight so it might feel a little tougher. Along with doing Kettlebells 3 times a week our instructor is helping us with our nutrition plan.

At first I said no to the nutrition plan, but then decided to see what it is all about. So I signed on up. Mostly to really take this challenge seriously, so I can see real results.

So I gave the instructor my goal and here is what she gave me:

My goal is to burn fat and build lean muscle.

Eat only foods on the list she gave us. (I already eat most of these..I’ll be sharing soon)

  • Eat 35% protein 25 % carbs and 40% fat
  • Record what you eat at
  • Stick to it at least 90% of the time.
  • Eat 5 meals a day.


Current Weight: 130

Goal Weight: 125

Maintenance Days Plan(days I am doing kettlebells)

Calories: 1750

Grams of protein per day: 153

Grams of carbs per day: 109

Grams of fat per day: 78

Grams of protein per meal: 31

Grams of carbs per meal: 22

Grams of fat per meal: 16

Caloric Deficit Days Plan (not doing kettlebells)

Calories: 1225

Grams of protein per day: 107

Grams of carbs per day: 77—–>HARD TO DO!

Grams of fat per day: 54

Grams of protein per meal: 21

Grams of carbs per meal: 15

Grams of fat per meal: 10

I started recording last Tuesday and it has been TOUGH! I learned that I do not eat enough fat or protein! To record my instructor told us to use MyNetDiary it’s ok, I think I like Livestrong better.

Here is what MyNetDiary looks like:




And here is what Livestrong looks like:


One said I had 19.96 grams of protein and the other one said I had 17 grams of protein?!

Days that I run long, like today I do not count it as a Caloric Deficit Day I go with the maintenance day plan.

So for today I need to try and follow this plan:

Calories: 1750 —so far  397

Grams of protein per day: 153—–so far 19.97

Grams of carbs per day: 109—-so far 52.72

Grams of fat per day: 78…16.2

THE HARDEST IS CARBS and PROTEIN!! I need to eat less carbs and more protein. For someone who didn’t think the felt like they ate a ton of carbs this is HARD!!

No, I will not beat myself up if I eat too many carbs and I will not be really strict about this nutrition plan, but I will give it a shot.

I will be taking a lot more pictures of what I eat to keep myself accountable. The food is pretty boring, but I am going to try and spice it up a bit 🙂

Side Note: THIS PLAN IS NOT FOR EVERYONE! This was made specifically for me by a personal trainer.

Question: Do you think you need enough protein, carbs, and good fats?