Pumpkin Rice and Beans

Lunch today was amazing. I was inspired Heather’s dinner the other night and decided to make it for lunch today.

This is super easy and super filling, black beans, brown rice, 2 tbsp of pumpkin puree, and 2 cloves of garlic. All mixed up!

blog 140

I also dug into my my, persimmon ! It was good, but kind of difficult to eat. Can you eat the skin on these?

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I also had a rice tortilla for dipping! 

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Earlier today I enjoyed an Pink Lady apple and nuts for my mid-morning snack!

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I am super excited about being able to go straight home after work instead of practice!!! I feel like a load has been lifted off my shoulders, I loved coaching but I so need a break.

Question: If you could give up obligation in your life right now what would it be??


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