Pumpkin Treat Head To Toe

Tonight I went to my favorite Day Spa in town, International Skin and Body Care! This was the first placed I worked from 17-21, best job ever!! Who wouldn’t want to work at a DAY SPA?!


This treatment sounded amazing!! I was just here for a simple brow wax, but I still got to enjoy all the perks they have to offer! They offer a very cozy waiting room that makes you feel right at home. They ask if you would like Organic Apple Cider and or Fresh Squeezed Lemonade.


I went with the Cider!

photo (24) 

You can sit in any of the cozy loungers in a living room type setting, makes you feel right at home.


I got to enjoy a Lavender foot soak while I waited to be called in, the perfect way to finish the day! 


After my brow wax I had the best date with Hubby and Boscers!

photo (18)

He loves the camera :) 


I love SUSHI! 


Bosco loves…


Hubby’s Burrito! 


Chilaxing for the rest of the evening and watching TBL. I need to finish my reading for work tomorrow, we are going through the book, Good to Great. I like it so far very challenging and mind provoking.


Loved all your thoughts about the Dell laptop, I am going to look into the HP Mini too. I got some great emails about it and this will be a wonderful Christmas Gift!

Night ALL, 5:15 am run in the morning gotta hit the hay!!!


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