Q & A Time Part II

Today was semi-productive. Hubby and I taught Sunday School to the
1-6th graders, I cleaned the house and organized my closet. Hubby was so nice to give me his closet in exchange for the other dresser, he is such a  keeper! I also started planning a bit for our Memorial day BBQ. Tonight I also taught kickboxing and did something fun and different with my class. For the first 30 minutes I did level 2 of Jillian’s Shred, basically a great interval workout, and then 30 minutes of bags!! The class loved it(well they hated me in the middle) but they were happy to try something new.

It’s about time I answered all of your wonderful questions!

Alison said…
Your school looks a whole lot like my middle school. Are you in California? I’m from Arizona, but I’m thinking the scenery looked more like CA.

Answer: Yep I am from Southern CA!

RunningWithin said…
Hi Bobbi! I was wondering how you fuel on your long run days? Do you feel it is important to try and eat back all the calories the same day and how do you try and fit those calories in? Thanks!

Answer: On long run days, I always have a protein shake right after my run and then from there I eat whatever I want:)

eatingbacktogood said…
My question for today….is it still a green monster when it’s more blue/grey?? ;). Enjoy the beautiful day!

Answer: Yes, it is still a Green Monster if it is blue/grey as long as you have greens in it!

Heather said…
That green smoothie sounds so good! Quick question… do you know how to keep tofu fresh? I bought silken tofu to try in a green smoothie, but I’m wondering how I should keep the leftovers. Should I just put them in a plastic, sealed container in the fridge?

Answer: If you’re going to keep it in the fridge, it needs to be in water (mostly submerged) and the water needs to be changed daily. You should definitely use that within a week. If that week is up and you still haven’t used it, you can throw it in the freezer (water and all, or you can drain it if you so wish). Like the other posters said, that will change the texture. The water in the tofu causes ice crystals that make the tofu expand and when it’s defrosted, they leave little pockets that give the tofu a spongy, chewy (some say meatlike) texture.

Melissa @ For the Love of Health said… 
I wish my gym had a kettlebell class! I own a kettlebell. DO you know where I can find a good workout I can do at home with it???

Answer: I posted all about kettlebells today!

happinessawaits said…
Regarding mentally preparing for the marathon…I got this idea from Kristen Armstrong (writer for runner’s world…and yes, Lance’s ex-wife) and an article she wrote years ago (maybe 2005). Anyway, she wrote on her hand or on a bracelet the name of a person for each mile. Each name had a different emotional connection but she spent that mile thinking about memories, events, etc. I don’t do this during the beginning of a race but from 20+ I have done this and it works wonders. At times I may want to fall apart crying because I give the last mile to my father always, but still….it is a distraction.

Response: WOW this is such a great idea!!! I am so going to do this!

Learning to Cope w/ Eating and College said…

What was in your lunch sandwich??? It looks absolutely delicious and I totally wanted to replicate it!! Please post what is in that sandwich and I will totally let you know what I think about it!! 🙂

I present to you the perfect veggie sammy!

Step #1: Take two pieces of WW bread and slather on one Light Laughing Cow cheese, and a half an avocado.

food 003

Step #2: Top with slices of cucumber and tomato.

food 001

food 006

Step #3: Top with alfalpha sprouts(my fave) and baby spinach(or any spinach).

food 009

food 007

Voila!!! SOOO GOOD! 

food 011

Denise said…
Want to make breakfast for me??

Answer: Of course girl, whenever you are in So CAL consider it done!!!

I hope I got everyone’s questions🙂 If I missed any please send them my way! I love helping in any way I can, and I love hearing all of your wonderful stories.

Hubs and I had a Moraccian dinner(yes he liked it), I’ll post about it in the morning. Hubby and I are going to watch the The Count of Monte Cristo, one of my all time favorites and finally relax after such a busy weekend!!!!

Night ALL! See you bright and early for some Detox Yoga and Monday morning Oats!


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