Question & Answer Time

Hi friends, how’s your day going? I am participating in Gena and Jenna’s Raw Wednesday Challenge, and I am seriously lacking in knowledge about this whole Raw thing?!!! I am planning on having some veggies and hummus for the snack part today, and I had a bowl of oats for breakfast does that count? I need to get more knowledge about what it mean’s to be RAW so I can take this challenge more seriously!

I thought it would be fun to go ahead and answer some questions I have recieved fro you all!!!

Ashley and Bo said…

You are such an inspiration and you do so much for all of us i’m sure each person could put together $1-$5 easily to help you get to $100! If you truly want to run in this let me know and i’ll try to reach out to some folks!
Best wishes!

Response: You are too sweet!!! If someone would like to sponsor my SDRR run, I would be much appreciated!!! Maybe I should have a blogger bake sale, and get to baking! LOL

GreenDogWine said…

Did you get a new camera (and if so – did I totally miss a post??) – all your pictures look FAB today! Just curious! 🙂

Answer: Well I didn’t get a new camera, the pictures that ussualy have better quality are from our Digital Rebel Camera. It’s a really nice camera but, it’s big so I really want a small one that has great quality too:)

RunToFinish said…
ok and you won’t like this but green experts say you are better to put a full load in the dishwasher than to do them by hand, it uses substantially less water

Response: Well I didn’t do all my dishes by hand just my oatmeal pot, french press, mug and bowl…does that make any difference?

Hi Meghann! (Bobbi)
Ive been meaning on asking you something- I know you are a lover of running and I also know it helped you shed 30 pounds! I really admire your drive and dedication! I have a question for you..

I also love running because of how much it has helped me lose weight. When I used to see people running for miles at a time it used to overwhelm me because I need walking breaks every so often because it would literally hurt my legs and chest. A stretch and walking break always helped me keep moving. Well, I’ve noticed now that I’ve kept up with it more consistantly, I am also able to run without stopping and it doesn’t hurt (Thank God- knock on wood!) I’m so thankful and this has actually made me look forward to my runs more because i KNOW i can do it and ENJOY it at the same time. I always enjoyed it because of how it made me feel afterwards, but now I enjoy how I feel DURING the run. I know I might sound cheesy, but it really makes me happy and thankful that I’ve come this far. Was it always easy for you? Is this something normal to experience- that as you lose weight and do it more often, the running becomes easier? I know you’ve experienced falling in love with running and losing weight, also so that’s why I wanted to hear your side of the story. I would really appreciate it! Thank you so much for sharing your story and inspiring many!
<3 Nancy

Answer: I am sorry to say but running has always been easy for me, because I have been doing it for so long, but training for a fast marathon has been TOUGH!!!! It got easier as I learned to listen to my body and know when I was really pushing myself or not. Running is something I do for fun, now doing weights and other cardio(like kickboxing) is what I did to lose the weight and it has paid off so now I love doing it. I am not going to lie it is a challenge to make sure I am consistently shocking my body and not getting used to the same old workout.

Kelly said…

I went to trader joes to get the cranberry apple butter and they told me they won’t have it again til October. I was so bummed! I am going to call some other ones in the area and see if maybe I’ll be luckier elsewhere. I really want it!

Response: I bought mine in December, can you believe it has lasted that LONG?! I hope you find some:)

If I missed any questions recently please send them my way, I am always trying to do my best to make sure I answer all of them:)

I think these Healthy Margaritas will be on the menu tonight!! I might run (literally)to the store just to get the couple ingredients I need:)

See you tonight for the party!!! (well it’s just Hubby and I but I consider that the best kind of party!).


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