Readers Challenge

A while back Meghann and some other bloggers had done a Readers Challenge, I thought to myself what a fun idea!! As I have been seeing some new readers recently I realized there are a a lot of readers out there that I do not know anything about. So I have decided to set up a challenge of my own! That way I can get to know all of you a little better and maybe even pull some of you lurkers out too:) I promise you only have to comment once and then you can go back to just reading!

Ok, let’s start by seeing where everyone is from? Just comment with your city or state. I think it will be fun to see where everyone is from.  So that is my challenge, come on readers, don’t be shy! I plan on setting up a fun map to show where all my readers are from.

Today’s Lunch

Of course I had some chopped up cantaloupe and some super sweet black grapes!


I brought leftovers from Tuscany Tuesday, oh it was even better today! I feel like with Italian food the more the flavor get’s time to soak up the better.


Tonight’s date night, and Hubby and I are cooking dinner together and then planning on a long much needed walk. Hopefully the rain holds up it feels like we are in Hawaii here, 85 degrees and RAINING!!!

Is anyone else experiencing June gloom?

Remember to leave a comment for the READERS CHALLENGE!!!!

See you all tonight!


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