Review of Tight Curves and so much more!

The weekends are so nice and busy. They are usually packed with all sorts of things like, races,softball games, kickboxing, birthday parties, social gatherings,lunch dates,cleaning, yard work, and so on. It happens to be one of those weekends.

Last night was so nice. We decided to keep it low key and quiet, kinda like the calm before the storm. I made Chicken Parmesan the hubby’s favorite, and tried a new granola bar recipe. Dinner was great, but the bars didn”t turn out the way I anticipated. They were a little too mushy for me.

I will have to perfect that!

Then we watched a movie that I got for Christmas last year, I can’t believe I still hadn’t seen it. The Persuit of Happiness, I have to say it couldn’t have been better timing. It was a little sad and emotional but it was so encouraging and real. With me dreaming big these days it was a great reminder to realize how blessed I truly am already.

This morning I slept in a bit, didn’t get out of bed until 7amish. Then I had a yummy bowl of oats to get me energized for bootcamp. For those of you who don’t know, I am a teacher by day and kickboxing instructor by night. This was my first boot camp I got to teach at, I was a little nervous at the begging but once I got started it was a blast! Did a lot of bags, squats, and abs hope I am not too sore before my race tomorrow morning.

Once I got home at 11am , I was starving. So I thought I would try my new protein drink from Body Well Nutrition, called Tight Curves. It is a protein made especially for women. Here’s what the company says about it.

– Support low carb diets
– Facilitate muscle toning
– Accelerate fat loss
– Reduce water retention
– Increase endurance
– Increase bone density
– Elevate mood
– Improve, hair, skin & nails

It also has only natural ingredients of the highest quality—soy protein, PeptoPro amino acids, calcium, Black Cohosh, and St. John’s Wort—all scientifically proven to deliver the benefits women want most. These include enhanced weight control, muscle tone, bone density, mood, endurance, and recovery, as well as healthy cholesterol levels and an overall sense of well-being.

So I tried it in a protein shake, and it was delicious. I could definitely taste the grainy protein flavor, but it wasn’t too bad. So lady’s are you ready for some tight curves??

Here is the recipe:

1 scoop Tight Curves berry flavor
1/2 cup of nonfat milk with ice
handful of frozen blackberries
half a banana
one small cup of yogurt (I had banana cream pie)

Then the hubby and I deiced to do some outside chores. We washed both of our cars, which was so needed! Then we started lawn work, which is fun for about five minutes and then I am pooped! I then came inside, but it was more like two hours later, and needed some more food! I pulled out my new fiber one crackers, some Colby cheese, and ran out to the garden and grabbed some grapes. It’s been a busy morning already, and I can’t wait until tonight. We are cooking some yummy steaks and I am making homemade cornbread. I have an easy 5k race in Malibu tomorrow (part of our training plan) but I have to get up early because it’s a bit of a drive. I might be going alone, I hope not because races are so much more fun with friends… wish me luck!