King of the house!

Ok so I am going to take a step away from talking about health and such to talk about my dog Bosco McCormick.

Bosco was adopted September 2007, he is a pound puppy. We got him when he was only two months old. He was left in someones backyard, so sad. But we were blessed to find him, and how he is our baby. I never thought that I would be attached to an animal the way I am too Bosco! We named him Bosco, because it was the restaurant in Memphis that Matt and I had our first date.

As I think about what life has been like with Bosco, I think of it as pre-parenting. We had to teach Bosco to potty at the right place, sleep in his own bed, and had to have someone sit him from time to time. Ok so you can’t leave a kid in the laundry room when you have to go run to the store and we don’t have to take kids on a walk. But a pet does give someone a chance to understand what it is like to think beyond yourself. To be responsible for another living thing.

Recently Bosco had decided that he is the King of the house. He often jumps in the chair at the dining table and acts as though he is a guest. When Matt gets out of bed at 4am, Bosco quickly jumps in bed with me and I often wake up to his chin resting on my arm, it is so cute. Today the hubby sent me this picture and it just says it all!

I will return tonight with a fun new recipe!!! Stay tuned…


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