RJ’s Incredible 5th Birthday Party


You’re 5! I don’t know how that is even possible!

It’s not the big 16, but it’s a big year! No more toddler years or diapers (we are not complaining about that)!

But 5, it seems so big . . . you are so independent. You can get yourself dressed, make your own breakfast, play independently for hours, cut on your own, and so much more!

You will always be our baby. But now you ate turning into a little lady and we love watching you flourish. We love watching you grow into such a strong and helpful young girl.

You are 5 and you are brave, independent, stubborn, strong-willed, loving, kind, bossy, difficult, easy, cuddly, and tough all in one. You are like me and like your dad, but you are not like me and you are not like your dad.

You are wonderful and beautifully you!

We got to celebrate our sweet girl with a super fun birthday party!  This was the first year she didn’t want to do a “girly” themed birthday, she wanted an Incredibles/ Super Hero themed party and we had fun with it! Her birthday is in the summer so bathing suits and water are always a must!


We used an event coordinator here in our sweet little town Verrado, Arizona and she did amazing job with all of the decorations and supplies! If you are local you soooo need to hire her, her attention to detail is AMAZING. She took my vision and made it come to life! You can contact here!

How cute are these decorations?! She came early to set up the balloons, table, table-scape, decorations, banner, and food table. It was so nice to just have fun at the party and not have to worry about the details! We did pizza for lunch and ice-cream sandwiches instead of cake (requested by RJ) for dessert. It was a fun and simple party.

IMG_9220 IMG_9218 IMG_9217 IMG_9216 IMG_9215 IMG_9223 IMG_9222 IMG_9229 IMG_9226 IMG_9225

IMG_1601 IMG_1600 IMG_1607 IMG_1637 IMG_1598

She had such a fun time with friends and family! Happy 5th birthday sweet girl. We love you so!