Friends, it has been way too long. I feel like it has been ages  since I sat down and even looked at a computer, but it feels oddly refreshing to sit here and blog. The season of stepping away from full time blogging has been necessary for so many reasons, but I haven’t forgot how much joy it also brings me to share life with ya’ll through this little blog. It’s fun to share my thoughts, in hope to bring encouragement, creativity and inspiration to the world wide web. A little piece of positivity instead of the negative that is so prevalent in our world.

Ok, so I could go all the way back to when I ran a marathon (which I have a post I am just about finished with and will share soon), but that seems like ages ago. Since then I have become officially a certified Revelation Wellness Instructor, spoke at Choose Joy Event with my wonderful Hubby, worked two Disney Expos with Raw Threads, and started working at CycleBar. We have also sold a house and bought a house! Yes, another house in Arizona. It’s such a long beautiful God story and maybe I will do a vlog about it or an actual post soon, but it is juicy good!

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The past two months have been incredibly life changing/busy in the best of ways. Our marriage has been tested, our faith has been stretched, and we have ridden a wave of parenthood that has been quite the adventure. Marriage is hard friends, but it is beautiful. Parenthood is hard friends, but it is worth it! I have enjoyed this move more than I ever thought I would and I think RJ is gonna love being a “zonie”.

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The next week six weeks I am taking some time to seek God’s plan for the fall. Now that we have moved (again) we know it is truly time to get ROOTED here in Arizona. I am excited to open our home this year for an IF TABLE and to help grow the “IF” movement here in the west valley. If you have never heard of “IF” check it out, it’s pretty much my passion. To have women come together and eat, laugh, connect, drink wine and talk about JESUS. It truly is an extension of the Church that I am excited to be part of. I also want to start a REV WELL class at a local church with my beautiful friend Sarah and also start serving at our local church. I am excited to truly lay down our roots and watch the Lord move through us.

Question: What is something that you are excited about this summer? 



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  1. Georgia Avatar

    Glad to see this!

  2. Hope you will share more! Congrats on all of the above.