Running Reflections

I am not sure what is worse running in the heat, rain, snow, or WIND?! I absolutely hate running in the wind. Tonight after work I went for a 5 mile run, because I didn’t wake up early enough to run with Fast Jill and Mr. Rick. The first 2.5 miles were great and then when I turned back around the wind was right in my face!! I still manage to run a 8:30pace :), so nice to run alone sometimes.

Today while I was running I started to reflect on all that is going on my life and I got a little emotional. I love ALL that I do, but sometimes it just hits me hard and I have to BREATHE!! I prayed a lot and that always helps so much. I thought to myself life is for living and I need to just keeping running hard and fast, not folding when things get tough.

The way we handle the good and bad circumstances in our lives shows our true character. I am not going to lie, some times I just need a good cry and then I am good to go! Love all of you for always encouraging me and holding me accountable to live a healthy and well balanced life!!!! Runs like this are soooo needed.

When I got home I had anticipated making dinner and the Hubby said, “Get changed love, I am taking you out to dinner”. Love spontaneous dinner dates! Hubby and I went out for Sushi, one thing I can enjoy on the detox.

I ordered the Veggie, Avocado and Tofu Roll, it was sooo good!

Picture 490

Picture 491

After we came home I planned out all that we will have for dinner and dessert at our TACOBERFEST and managed to write up my Breathe post for tomorrow. We didn’t get a chance to carve our pumpkin, but there is always tomorrow :).

Time to curl up in my warm cozy bed with Hubby and Boscers!

See you all in the morning!

I will be dreaming off all this goodness….

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