SB Expo + Pre Race Dinner

Good evening friends! Hubby and I made it safely to Santa Barbara this afternoon and the first thing we did was hit up the EXPO! I love expos, its where I get to check out the latest and the greatest. Well SB’s Expo was not all that great, no freebies and the T-Shirts were so large that I got one for Hubby instead. It is their first one so I will cut them a little slack.

Picture 131

The only product they had to try was these FRS Healthy Energy Drinks. I got one to take after the race tomorrow, wasn’t willing to try anything new.

Picture 132

They did have my favorite Skirt Company, Atalanta Athletic Wear!

Picture 133

Once we looked at everything in the expo we hit the road to go check in to our hotel. When we arrived I saw a WF right across the STREET, holy heaven!!!

Picture 135

Hubby and I went in and played a little. First stop fresh Honey Nut PB!

Picture 136

Hubby found some unique looking water…what the heck is this stuff?!

Picture 137

I bought some Rice Nog…you never know it might be good :).

Picture 138

We asked some locals for some recommendations for an Italian Restaurant. They told us to head over to Pascucci in downtown Santa Barbara.

We started with some warm garlic bread. OOOO it was so chewy and wonderful!

Picture 139

Picture 141

I ordered a glass of Sterling Cab…a really great tasting wine from Sonoma.

Picture 140

Oops a little blurry!

Picture 143

I couldn’t figure out what to order, pizza..pasta..chicken???

Picture 142

I went with the Sorrento: Seasonal Veggies, artichoke hearts, sundried tomatoes, garlic, basil, EVOO, peppers, yam, onions, mushrooms, and caper marina sauce on whole wheat pasta with chicken. I loved everything minus the chicken, I had a couple bights and then took it off.

Picture 146

This place was so cute, and just what we were looking for. I can’t wait to come back tomorrow and walk around a bit downtown (if I can walk).

We are now hanging out in our hotel room because I have a 4am wake up call! I have all my stuff laid out, but I am still not sure what to wear?! I am not sure what the weather is going to be like. It says that it should be at least 43 degrees.. but do I want to wear long sleeves the whole time??? CHOICES!

Picture 147

Good night friends! See you all after the marathon!

P.S. I am carrying my phone with me so feel free to send me a message on twitter for encouragement!!! THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR KIND WORDS YOU ALL ARE MY NUMBER ONE FANS (well behind Hubby)!!!!


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