SDRNR Race Report Part II: The RACE!


On Sunday morning I woke up bright and early at 4:30am, I slept a good 6.5 hours and was ready to tackle the marathon!! I first needed to find some coffee ASAP, thanks to the lovely iPhone App, iWant, I was able to find a 24 hour 711 only .2 miles from my Hostel.

I ate my cup of oatmeal with a banana, and was ready to Rock and Roll! I headed out the door at 5:15am and started walking with two other marathoners who were staying at the Hostel, to the start line. One of them told me how this was her first marathon and for the other one it was his 15th!! He had done the SDRNR 4 times, and absolutely loved it.

As soon as I arrived at the starting line I called Meghann to meet up with her. It was a mad house trying to find her was not easy. I finally found her and we hit up the long a$$ bathroom lines just in case I had to go before the start. While waiting in line we took some pre-race photo’s, it was all we could do to take our minds off of the race.



My expectations for this race were to help Meghann meet her goal time of a 4:30 marathon, but most of all help her finish( I knew she could do it) !!! I treated this race like a long run, and a FUN RUN!! I brought my iPhone and Meghann had her camera and video camera, which I new would make this race a lot more casual and entertaining!

I was twittering and updating pictures on my Facebook at the start line two things I have never been able to do at a marathon!

Our faces at one minute till the gun went off!!!!

25 26



The Race!!!!

Miles 1-7:

Meghann and I took off easy and didn’t get caught up in the people who where taking off like race cars!! We kept our pace at 9:30-10min miles. It actually flew right by because we chatted about everything, from life and of course blogging! At mile 7 we saw Derek and D and said hello then took off!



Miles 7-14:

At mile 8 I took my first Hammer Gel, the espresso one which had 50mg of caffeine it!! We were cruising along, and then came a steady mile 8-9 climb on the FREEWAY!!! Yes folks we ran on the freeway!! It was the weirdest thing, all of a sudden Meghann said, “we are running on the freeway” and I looked at her and was like OMG this is crazy! It was pretty cool, and the hill wasn’t that bad.

They had bands playing at every other mile, which gave us an extra energy boost. Meg’s and I were singing right along with them, “ Every step I take, every move I make….I’ ll be watching you”. At mile 12-13 we saw Amanda, and my friend from home Melody!!! They were looking good!


Amanda was running through an injury and unfortunately it started to really act up around mile 12. Look who else we ran into!!!


Miles 14-18

At mile 14 we got some Icy pops, which are the best thing ever when running a marathon. Out of all the races I have run, I have never been offered an Icy Pop!! It was cool, refreshing and quite heavenly. We also got some refreshing watermelon and oranges.

At mile 15 I had to refill my water bottle, I brought some Heed along with me in an old school film case so I could easily drop it in my bottle and fill it up with water. I saw so many interesting things that people were handing out at the race, salt, chocolate chip cookies, pretzels, candy bars, mountain dew, and even beer!!

Miles 18-21

At mile 19 we had a quarter of a mile climb a pretty steep hill. I told Megahnn to lower her arms, take shorter strides and don’t look up just push through it, and she did!! We got over the hill and as we were flying down we say my Hubby shooting pictures of us, my heart always jumps a little when I see my Hubby during a marathon!!! I love him so much and he is such an amazing supporter!! I gave a hug and a kiss and kept going. We also got to see my Aunt and Uncle at 19.5 and I quickly gave them hugs and took off. Meghann was running awesome, at mile 20 she said she hit her wall, her legs were starting to kill and she knew she needed to stretch just for a bit. So we did but it was for less then 30 seconds and we were off again!!






I loved that I had my iPhone, I was able to twitter and text the Hubby along the way!!!


Miles 21-25

At mile 21 I told Meg’s to think about FroYo, and how it was going to taste so good after this! We were not chatting as much, but making commentary as needed (lot’s of Elvis costumes, and barefoot runners!). I loved having a running buddy it made for such a fun race!!


I was feeling pretty good, I loved coaching Meghann through the run, it actually helped me push myself through the race. I think I was born to be a pacer, it was fun and I loved that I was able to help. I grabbed a couple more Jolly Ranchers at mile 22 (my favorite thing to have in a race) and kept trucking!

At mile 23.5 I saw some folks handing out Beer, and I thought what the heck gabbed a glass and chugged it down, I have always wanted to say I drank a beer on a marathon!!!

At mile 24 I told Meghann, “Only 8 more laps around the track!”, I knew she was going to finish she looked great and was really moving, we saw the 4:30 pace group pass us, but I had been looking at my Garmin, and knew that we were right on pace!! At mile 25.2 I told Meghann to give me her video camera and I would sprint ahead to get her crossing the finish line.

The Finish!!


I sprinted ahead catching up to the 4:30 pacer, and I felt GREAT!!! My legs were really kicking it and I even got some video of the finishers crowd. I crossed the finish and quickly tried to make sure I got Meghann finishing! I got her finishing then gave her a great big hug and congratulated her on finishing her first marathon!!! What an amazing and thrilling experience!

After we got our metals we stalked up on Peanut butter Puffins, and water!!!


I had my Recoverite and a banana and found the Hubby to give him some love!! He was waiting for us as well in the family reunion area.


Meghann found Derek too!!


We stretched a little, and then I started dreaming about my victory Margarita and FroYo!!!!


Stay tuned, post Marathon celebration to come……

P.S. TSL Participants get your total points to me ASAP so I can give a winner!!!


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