September Challenge!

Mission accomplished!! My goal was to get up and out of the house by 5:30, for a sweaty circuit training workout at the gym. I haven’t picked up Jillian’s, “Making the Cut”in almost a month and I am determined to get back on track. The reason I haven’t given the book a full review is because I never completed the whole thing.

I haven’t been sticking to my challenges and that is going to change. I am starting a new challenge this month, the challenge is to finish my challenges!!!

I have gained a nice 4-5 pounds this summer, and I am not going to obsessive over it, but I know it’s because I have ENJOYED the summer with sweets and treats! I know I can get those 5 pounds off in no time!! I think by getting back on my pushup and sit up challenge and doing Jillian’s “ Making the Cut”, I will get back to my normal weight and feel strong for my next marathon.

On to this mornings eats! This morning I made a Green Chocolate Banana Protein Smoothie. I am loving this Chocolate Light Silk Soy Milk! (Andrea understands).

bobbi 023

I added in 1 cup of Silk, 1 cup ice, handful of spinach, flax seed, and a banana.

bobbi 024

I have dinner in the crock pot for tonight! The crock is my BFF this week! 

bobbi 025

Still loving my pedicure from last night, I feel so pretty :). 

bobbi 022

Off to work I go! Half way through the week!!!

Question: What are some challenges you need to finish???


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