Thank you to everyone for giving me some great advice on how to help my students get to practices! I think helping them to understand why they are there and getting them excited about being a part of the team is the key. It think back on my cross-country days and I remember loving every  minute of it, and not just because of the running. I made some amazing friends and had some life long friendships( the reason Skinny Bride and I are friends). I am hosting a CARBO LOADING party the night before our first meet and I am hoping that this will help us bond more as a TEAM!

Ok enough talk on to the eats! Today was free lunch at work, I tried to load up on just veggies, but this baked chicken was calling my name!! I forgot how amazing Shake and Bake is :).

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I need to Shake and Bake some tofu, anybody have any breaded tofu recipes????


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