She’s Got Some Big News!

No I am not pregnant, but it’s about time I just let it out! I got a new JOB!!!

About two months ago I had been stressing over some big decisions I had to make, while I can finally share them all with you:) Currently I am an Assistant Teacher at a Montessori School and I really do love it. I love the kids, the teachers, and the staff, but I was told that I wouldn’t have a job in the summer, because of low summer school enrollment. So I searched for some summer work and found a full time job position open at Forest Home(the camp that my Hubby works at). It was not only for the summer but forever! This caused me to stop and really think about what I wanted to be doing for the next five plus years.

I went through 4 interviews and two months later was offered the job. I was ecstatic!!! The more I learned about what I would be doing the more excited I started to get about the job. What is the job? I will be the Program Reservations Associate for the Men’s, Women’s and Couples Retreats. It’s a very relational job, and what can I say I am a pretty relational gal. I will start on Monday and my new job hours will be from 8am-4:30pm. I also get to carpool with Hubby. I already know a lot of the people at the job so I know that it will be easy to get acquainted with all the staff. I love Forest Home( and I love what they stand for! I look forward to being a part of their family! 

With this said my morning routine will soon change, and I am not sure what this will mean for my afternoon posts, but I am sure that everything will work out. This week I have in service at my school and will already be working an 8-4 shift which will get me used to the change in hours. I normally work 10-6 so this will be nice to get off early and COOK dinner!!!

My old Morning Routine 

My New Morning Routine 

5:30 – Alarm, or internal clock goes off.

5:40 –Work out

5:45 Out the door for a run, kickboxing, Jillains DVD or gym.

6:45– Shower

6:50-Make Breakfast

7:00 – Blog watch the Today Show, love me some Matt Laur!

7:15 – Pack Lunch get Dressed(still pretty casual)

7:30-carpool to work

8:00-Arrive at work and start my day

I will have a lot less time in the mornings, but I am not worried about that because I am a morning person so I look forward to the earlier hours!

Well I gotta run, I will be posting about something wonderful I received in the mail over the weekend so stay tuned for lunch!!!!

Have a wonderful Tuesday Morning!!! Live life freely!


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