Slow down…don’t get a head of yourself!

Wow, I can not believe that we are on our 12th week of training for our marathon! Only one more month to go. Today we ran a 20miler from Yucaipa all the way down to south Redlands, and boy did I feel it! It wasn’t too bad…but I was sure glad to be finished. The minute we stopped I heard my legs screaming at me, saying” what the HELL are you doing to me!” sorry but my legs have some pretty bad language, I won’t even tell you what my feet were saying. Rachel and I were sooo happy to be alive and finished.

I haven’t even finished the marathon and I am already planning on what to train for next. I really want to get into biking more, and do some more triathlons for sure. I really like tri’s they mix it up and you get a total body work out. I really want to do the Iron Girl Las Vegas, but it’s really close to the Boston marathon. I would be back from the Boston Marathon and three weeks later I would be off to Vegas, if I qualify for Boston that is. So maybe I should just slow down, but hey that’s the joy in dreaming!

So now I am in the market for a road bike that dosen’t cost a fortune. I know there are a lot of cyclists out there that have old bikes sitting in their garages, anyone know any?! Are there any good sites out there I should visit. There are SO many out there, wow! I know a lot of you all have them, so any suggestions would be great. What you like or don’t about yours- what you would look for etc. I have a jar right now on my desk, and I am saving like crazy so maybe by the time I am done training for this marathon I will have enough to buy a bike:)


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