So far our “Girly” weekend has been quite the success!! Last night we went shopping and I found this cute dress for only $10, but I really didn’t need it so I was good and just walked away.

food 091

It was so fun playing in Forever 21 with my two favorite teens, they are way hipper then I am.

food 094

I need some sun glasses because I lost mine, these were cute but not my favorite. Look at my anorexic NECK, why does it DO THAT?! 

food 096

For dinner, I took the girls to my favorite Mongolian BBQ Restaurant. 

food 097

We loaded our bowls up with a ton of veggies, pineapple, tofu, and noodles

food 098

We watched our dinner cook right before our eyes. 

food 099


food 100

After dinner we all decided that FROYO was a must! Ashleigh had never had self serve before, she was soooo excited and spent lot’s of time choosing her toppings. 

food 102

I got Coconut and Ghirardelli Chocolate Yogurt with chopped almonds, coconut flakes, sweet carob chips and a little Heath Bar :).

food 103 

food 104

After FroYo we went and saw Julia & Julia at 10:25pm! I managed to stay awake and totally loved the movie. I related a little too much to the bloggers story..LOL…It made me want to live in France and start cooking French Food!  We got home at 1am and I had to be up at 5:30am for cross-country practice. Practice went well, we did hill repeats and I think one of the kids thinks I am an ANIMAL!

After practice I swung by the local Coffee Shop and got myself cup of “Nutty Doodie”. I really enjoy being a regular patron to my local Coffee Shop!

food 105

4.5 hours of sleep + 5 mile run + 500 calorie burned=one sleepy girl…

food 106

Bobbi’s B&B Breakfast Bar ( I so want to own a B&B) was scheduled for 8AM!! I promised the girls I would treat them to some super yummy oats.

I made a great big pot of oats and got out an endless selection of toppings

food 109food 107

Of course there was some wonderful butters to choose from.

food 110

I brought my three favorite Oatmeal Bowls, it’s been a long time sense I got a new bowl ;).  

food 108

I set the table with a wonderful supply of fruit, grapes from our vine and cantaloupe that I got at the market for 50 cents! 

food 111

My bowl was filled with a little bit of everything. 

food 112

Our plans for the day have changed because it is RAINING!!! No beach today, we are going to have a SLUMBER DAY PARTY instead. There will be a Marathon of Friends on, some baking happening and a lot of laziness!

Have a beautiful Saturday friends!


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