Smile More Frown Less, Enough Said!

“A smile is the beginning of Peace”-Mother Theresa

This morning I had to call Fast Jill and let her know I needed to cancel my run. The last day I had a full day of rest was last Monday!! Today won’t be a full day of rest because I still am going to run tonight with my cross country team on the track. It’s out first speed workout, I am excited because I love me some speed work. Crossing my fingers they love it too!

For breakfast I made a MESS: Zoe’s Granola, Annie’s Bunnies, Cheerio’s, Mini Nanner, Blueberries, Pecans, and some Cantaloupe.

food 064

Look at this baby nanner, isn’t darling? 🙂

food 062

Just in case you guys were wondering, I HAVE been drinking my daily cup of Joe, but I have been enjoying it at work. I love working at an office because I can sit down to a nice cup of coffee every morning!

I know I know I know, I have been prolonging my Jillian “Making the Cut” Post, I have been working on it and it should be up soon, thanks for your patience friends.

Today I am practicing serenity by taking time today to list all that I am thankful for. First thing on my list, Love!

What would be the first thing on your Thankful List?


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