Smoothie Weather

Lately for breakfast I have really been craving fruit smoothies! Well that was until it got down to the 50s’! Seriously weather what is going on? One day it’s in the high 90’s and the next it’s in the 50’s??? Ok back to my smoothie obsession.

I have been prepping my smoothie concoctions on Sunday. This way I just grab a bag, throw it in the Vita-Mix and GO! I am kinda in love with carrot + oranges!


In the ziplock bags: I peel two oranges, cut up 3 carrots, and a handful of blueberries. I also add in one chopped banana (forgot to picture). All of this goodness fits nicely in these bags and is such a time saver!


Into the blender…and…





Question: What is your favorite smoothie recipe?


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