So She Bought a Stranger a Clif Bar!!!

Monday Eats

10:30am: Snack from teacher meeting


12pm: Better Whey Yogurt plus granola and pineapple. I am loving this Yogurt and it’s packed with 15 GRAMS OF PROTEIN!!!!

10 11

2:00pm: Lunch, my tummy was all off today because of the time change!

Huge Salad with Romaine Lettuce, Spinach, red and yellow peppers, carrots, cucumbers, strawberries, a couple pineapple,topped with granola. Laughing Cow Cheese, and some BBQ POP chips. I also had a little Greek yogurt topped with granola….


PRE-PRE WORKOUT SNACK: 4pm These BARS are great!!! I love them, I still can’t believe I have never had them before.


PRE-WORKOUT SNACK 6:30pm: WW toast with Naturally Nutty Hemp Seed and Flax butter, and some Agave Nectar. Nuked it for ten seconds, mmm…


I don’t teach AKB until 7:30pm so I am always afraid to eat too little or not enough. I think this was ok.

Look what I picked up at the store today!!!!

I can’t wait to make Angela’s Spelt Tortillas’ !!! It will be quite the money saver! Shoot I am Mexican I should know how to make these!!!!


While I was at the store, there was a guy behind me in a wheal chair that asked if I could help him out and buy his Clif Bar for him, immediately I thought "make a difference Monday” and said YES of course I would love to. WOW talk about being put to the test, I hope he enjoyed it:)


No picture yet, but as soon as AKB is over I will be enjoying some cereal for sure!

I leave you with a picture of what I will be doing tonight!!!! AKB here I come:)



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