Today was just what the doctor ordered!! I really needed this Mental Health day to get me back on track and ready for the week. This mornings first piece of medicine was cleaning, I cleaned the entire house from head to toe. Then I had a light lunch, leftover grilled veggie sammie and some Food Should Taste Good chips.

Picture 293

Then I organized my entire week and enjoyed my new Rachel Ray Mag. I love this cover, it says FALL all over! 

Picture 291

Then the mail man came! YEAH! I love trying new products, I am not going to lie it is a nice perk of having this blog :). 

Picture 284

Soda-Club sent me one of their Genesis systems, Hubby is going to be so stoked!

Picture 285

Along with a lot of different flavored syrups to try out. I am not a soda drinker, but I love club soda!

Picture 287

The Diet Pink Grape Fruit sounds yummers! They do have some artificially flavoring in them :(.

Picture 290

Picture 289

Along with some of their my water flavor essences. You just add a few drops to your club soda and adds a little flavor.  These are 100 % natural :).

Picture 288

About The Soda-Club System

“Making carbonated water and soft drinks is so simple. Turn tap water into sparkling water in 3 seconds! Enjoy the convenience of home soda and protect the environment. No heavy bottles to carry, store at home or throw away. Fizz to your taste with our delicious syrups. Add the flavor of your choice and make your favorite drink. Simple to clean and reuse. With the latest designs it will also look great in your kitchen. So… do you still do bottles?”

Hubby and I decided to make a how-to video for you all this evening, excuse my sweatiness I just got done teaching kickboxing!


oops I got cut off…here’s how it tasted.

Hope you all enjoyed our video, have a great night!

Do you ever drink Soda Pop or Soda Water? Would you be interested in one of these machines?


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