Spirit of the Marathon Review

Hey friends how is your Tuesday going? Can’t believe how cool it is up here on the mountain!! For breakfast I enjoyed  a piece of the banana bread I made last night, as did the whole office 🙂 The loved it!

So last night I watched Spirit of the Marathon Movie, by the way every runner and runners spouse must watch it!! One of the best things about it is that they were training for the Chicago Marathon. It got me really excited for this Sunday. I didn’t realize that the Chi town marathon was such an “American” race. 

When I first signed up for Chicago I just thought it would be a blast  to run 26.2 miles through the city 🙂 Now I am realizing that this race is a really a big DEAL. Well all Marathons are a big deal, but this course is going to be incredible. With the thousands of spectators and the flat and fast course I am thinking this might be one of the best!

As I was watching this movie last night I felt like it was the “story” of my life. Laying out my clothes the night before a long run, waking up at 4am to eat something, vasoline up, and make sure I can go “potty”. Meeting up with friends at the park for a fun run even before the sun comes up and then enjoying a beermeal together to celebrate our victory. How about mentally talking to myself and pushing through the hurt. As a runner we train our selves to note the pain, but then push though it.

My Hubby is a lot like the spouses in the movie. He just doesn’t get why anyone would run for fun, when they could just take a car..he he..

Being a runner is not really about the “running” it is more about the lifestyle of being a runner. What do I mean by that? Well us runners even think we are crazy sometimes, but the satisfaction and success after a race/run is one of the best highs you will ever feel. Yes, I cry at the end. Yes, I curse in the middle. But in the end I am overwhelmed with the friends and joy of the entire SPORT.  Running is a part of my identity. I do it for the “love of the game”, or shall I say for the love of the race!

Runners do races so that they can prove to themselves that they can achieve something greater then they ever thought!

This movie was inspiring and it mentally put me in the right place for this race.  I can not wait to take on this next challenge!