Last night’s date night at the ball field was so much fun. Hubby and I were cheering for the competing teams!

I started the evening with a Blue Moon, there is nothing like a cold beer to get the baseball game started!

In honor of slowly becoming a vegetarian I decided to have a veggie dog over a Dodger Dog. Only in Southern California can you find veggie dogs at a baseball stadium. I loaded it up with condiments so it tasted like relish and ketchup (not as good as a Dodger Dog!). Hubby went with a classic Dodger Dog!

Waiting for the game to start!

It is impossible to kiss when you are both wearing HATS!!!

The game was ok, my team was losing so I wasn’t so thrilled, but it was nice to just sit back and enjoy the time together. To me that is the best part of Baseball, chilling with my love.

We had to split Hubby’s seventh inning stretch nachos! I ate the salsa he ate the cheese.

Such a great date night. I think last night fit in perfect with my PEACE WEEK. Not the quite part but the relaxing part. I love it when Hubby and I get to be spontaneous !!!

When was the last time you were spontaneous???


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