Subway “Superfood” Training Camp

This past Wednesday I had the awesome opportunity  to attend Subway’s “Superfood” Training Camp experience, hosted by Subway restaurants and Vitaminwater Zero thanks to Fit Celeb! It was a super fun event with celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak and Detroit football start Ndamukong Suh. I left with my hair done and smile on, but didn’t realize I would be in for ONE HECK of workout!!


When I arrived to the Home Depot Center locking room there was a Subway uniform ready for me to get all suited up in. Hello running shorts Smile



Not to shabby, kind of reminds me of soccer all over again! —-> I played in college!


Subway so kindly had breakfast for us, but I already enjoyed my Shakeology before I headed out. Sadly I didn’t enjoy too much food from Subway, because of the cleanse. I did enjoy some avocado and spinach though!


The fab four Smile  It was so fun meeting some wonderful reporters!


Taking on the field!


Our first workout was with Harley. He trains some of the hottest celebs like Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and more. I want his job when I grow up !


His way of training is right up my alley. He is all about fully body training. We started with a 5 minute warm up, then he hit our arms, legs, abs and then another cool down.




Was so glad that they had Vitaminwater Zero to keep us hydrated!!!! The best part is that it is made with STEVIA!!! Yep. folks I could enjoy it with no guilt Smile


Harley is such a fun guy and it was a pleasure to get trained by him. I love getting worked out by other trainers, it’s always a pleasure to learn some cool new tricks!


The training wasn’t over yet. The best part was yet to come, next up was training with one of Detroit’s finest Coach Suh! He is one of the most decorated players in college football history, and is widely regarded one of pro footballs most tenacious defenders!


Yes, he may be 300 pounds and twice my height, but honestly he’s the nicest pro football player I have ever met (OK, he is the only one I have ever met) . He was so encouraging and patient with all of us silly girls Winking smile

IMG_3196 IMG_3197

Our training consisted of the combine drills they do right before football players go PRO! Ok, I know most of us don’t know what this is. Let’s just say it’s where college football athletes get checked out by all kinds of scouts and the faster they are and the better they do at the combine the more they will get paid in the big leagues.

IMG_3198 IMG_3200

Here is me doing the L-DRILL!!

It was fun getting to be a bit competitive out on the field and getting to see what kinds of drills football players do.

IMG_3203 IMG_3204

I appreciate football players even more!


What a great coach! I asked Coach Suh a couple questions about his training. As a pro athlete and being 300 pounds I was super curious to see how many calories he eats while he trains. He told me that he eats about 3.5000 a day while he is training and more when he isn’t. I didn’t thing that sounded right, but he told me that he can’t gain weight in season or he has to pay a fine of $500 for every pound over 300! Wow what a motivation to keep in shape, I think that would be something that would encourage me to keep in shape, what about you?


We had so much fun getting our sweat on with thy guys and learning so much more about Subway and Vitaminwater Zero. Such a great group of people.


We even got a fun little avocado trophy for all our hard work.  I am excited that Subway is going national with avocados and spinach. Here in California we have had both of these amazing super foods in our chain Subway restaurants for years, but now they are taken it across the country!


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