Summer Fun, Please Stay!

Oh how I LOVE SUMMER! Don’t get me wrong, I am excited about the fall and already I can smell the pumpkin spice latte’s from here. I am pretty sure that Walgreens already has Christmas decorations out too(a little soon don’t you think?), but here in beautiful Southern California I am still soaking up the sun. I have had a pretty amazing summer and it’s not even over!!!

But I will miss….



Yummy fruity drinks by the pool…


Late night BBQ dinner parties watching Jim…


Family BBQ’s…


Grilled pizza…


Our summer garden…


Late night SUIT’S marathons…(anyone out there watch this?)


Walks in the middle of the day with these cuties…


Outdoor late night picnics at the bowl with friends…



Friends coming into town to visit for their summer vacation…


Boat rides…


Pineapple cocktails before 5pm…


Lunch at random times, just because…


Long Saturday morning bike rides where my hubby crushes me…



New Chobani smoothie recipes almost everyday…


Finally using all of our gift cards from Christmas to enjoy a lot of date nights…(got to soak the us time up as much as possible).


Grilled MAHI MAHI…enough said.


Trips to Temecula to enjoy some wine on a Sunday afternoon…



and Farm to table food…


Where I steal many bites of the Hub’s burger…


Sunset walks with Mr.B…


Monday’s at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs for brunch…



Two a days, cause it’s just that nice outside…


Cool crisp, but not freezing morning runs…


Green monster smoothie lessons with these cuties again…


Cheers to an amazing summer so far! Can’t wait to see what AUGUST has in store!!!


Question:  What will you miss about summer?


14 responses to “Summer Fun, Please Stay!”

  1. Brittany @ proteinandpumps Avatar
    Brittany @ proteinandpumps

    I’m definitely going to miss the warm weather and pool days. August is feeling more like October here in PA so far.

  2. Stone fruit. Best part about summer other than the blazing hot sun; stone fruit!!!!

  3. Its still summer. Its only August. Fall wont hit us till late October. Why the goodbyes now?

    1. Bobbi from nhershoes Avatar
      Bobbi from nhershoes

      oh not goodbye 🙂 just what will you miss when it’s over?

  4. Summer is just passing by waaayyy to quickly. I am going to miss weekend campfires (well we’ll still enjoy them…but there will be snow on the ground)…and I will miss going to the beach to just chill

  5. I love Suits! My husband and I just finished Season 2 on DVD last night and we are now starting to catch up on Season 3. I’m excited and sad to be caught up at the same time!

    I’ll miss summer weather the most. As a midwest girl there are few days when you can enjoy the outdoors. I’m a water lover and I haven’t gotten to make it to the pool once this summer so I still need to do that. I will also miss bike rides, walks, snow cones as well as the beautiful sunrises and sunsets!

    1. One important thing I forgot to mention was all the fresh produce! I will miss it SO SO much!

  6. I love Suits! Can we talk about just how handsome Harvey is?!

  7. I’m also going to miss fruity drinks by the pool! I am super excited for the more mild weather and amazing flavors of fall, but there is something so fun about all of the activities during the summer. I wouldn’t mind if August on the east coast cooled down a bit, but I definitely don’t want summer to end too soon, especially after such a ridiculously long winter this past year.

  8. Katie D. Avatar
    Katie D.

    I’ll miss taking the dogs out without bundling up! Also all the goodies in my weekly CSA box.

  9. Summer is SO going by waaay too quickly! I can’t believe it’s August already! I’ll miss the warm weather, BBQs and going to the beach!

  10. Suits is an awesome show, Lewis cracks me up every time!

  11. My husband and I LOVE Suits! Currently watching the new episode. We randomly came across it on Amazon Prime and love it! They have some great one liners….WWHD? 🙂

    I will miss all the great outdoor activities of summer. Yes, you can do things outside in the snow here, but it’s not quite as enjoyable as going out on the lake, biking, hiking, running along the river. Trying to get all this stuff in before the days get cooler!

  12. Oh how I love summer as well! This summer has been a tough one for the husband and I but we have snow on the ground here about 9 months out of the year so there is nothing better than warm weather and being with the ones you love <3