{WMOW} Sumo Burpee

I know how much you all love burpees, don’t lie. So I have a fun variation that will get your bootie burning and heart rates up!! Come on, give it a try Smile


1. Start in standing position.
2. Lower into a Sumo Squat
3. Jump out into plank position/burpee position
4. Bring Legs Back to Sumo squat position
5. Stand up and jump



*For an amazing workout do 4 sets of 10 SUMO Burpees  in a row!!! Take a 30 second between each set.


7 responses to “{WMOW} Sumo Burpee”

  1. These look like fun. I will try this after zumba class tonight!

  2. Love these! I have never heard of a sumo burpee but I will be trying it out for sure!!

  3. Is it bad that I basically do my normal burpees that way because my hamstrings are too tight to get my knees further up!?!?!? HAHA! Great move though!

  4. you’re the best. i love you and i miss you like cre cre

  5. oh sumo burpees — killers!! love them 🙂

  6. Burpees are always so hard for me, but they’re definitely worth the effort and leaving me dripping sweat at the end.