Summer Detox So Far & RX+Week

Happy almost FRIDAY!

This is my first full week home since I left my full time job 3 weeks ago! It’s taken some time to get in the groove of things and get my schedule nailed down, but it’s getting there. I can’t believe that I used to do all that I am doing now, plus worked 40 hours a week! I will be talking about this more during our virtual coffee date on Saturday. IMG_8980

We are on day 4 of the 21 day Summer Detox Challenge and this time around it’s been a lot easier. This is my third time doing this type of cleanse and every time I do it, I end up giving up something for good! The first time I did it, it taught me how start checking labels and eat a lot more salads and a lot less processed foods (even one’s that I didn’t realized were processes). The second time around I gave up red meat and pork completely. I even rarely eat chicken. What I always bring back (in moderation of course) is coffee, wine, and Chobani,.

The one thing I always get excited about is getting in the kitchen and getting creative! I miss creating recipes for you all and making dinner every night.


One thing that Hubby and I have committed to is eating at home 6 days a week and going out once a week for date night through the challenge. We also have a huge garden that is overflowing with all kinds of yummy veggies!


I need to go get some canning supplies and get to canning!


A few of the dinners that I have made so far and have loved …

This Pinterest inspired farmer salad:  tomato, zucchini, pine nut, basil, olive oil and pepper. Super simple just mix all veggies with a little olive oil sprinkle with salt and pepper and top with pine nuts. Doesn’t get simpler than that.


A summer kale salad filled with: kale, romaine lettuce, blueberries, strawberries, jicama, cherry tomatoes, yellow tomatoes, figs, hemp seeds, slivered almonds and topped with quinoa and Fresh and Easy tahini goddess dressing.


Post workout Vega smoothie.


I so want to make these pancakes from Kitchen Blogger!


I have been out for coffee meetings and have avoided coffee! I enjoyed a wonderful bowl of steel cut oats and blueberries from Starbucks and a Forever Green Juice from a local juice company in town called Real Raw Live.


The sugar part is probably the hardest, because you don’t realize how SUGAR is in EVERYTHING! At night when I am craving sugar, instead of reaching for dark chocolate like I normally do, I haven been enjoying hot tea with steamed almond milk.


As well as homemade pineapple sorbet! This is so easy to make in the Vita-Mix. Just add 1 1/2 cups of frozen pineapple to the blender and blend till smooth. I topped mine with unsweetened coconut, I bet toasted coconut would be great on it as well.


Here is fun IG video for you all…

Love finding fun finds at the local health store and I get out of my comfort zone!


and also enjoy my favorites! Salmon, quinoa, tomatoes, avocado and steamed veggies.


This week I have also been participating in GPP Fitness  RX+ WEEK and I am loving it!


What is RX+?

5 days of two-a-day workouts (11 total workouts) that will jumpstart your fitness, weight loss, and give momentum to all your fitness and health goals.

Focusing on your health for a week should have far reaching effect.  Completing workouts & being perfect on your diet is an amazing accomplishment and will have obvious health benefits.  While you’re at it, consider getting a better night’s sleep.  Organizing your life to include 6-8 hours of continuous sleep will pay dividends that’ll  immeasurably benefit all aspects of your health.  Keywords alert – “Organizing your life… “

It’s been so fun to get out in the evening with Hubby and friends and enjoy the beautiful weather on the track or even on a long hike! The workouts have been challenging for sure, but my body hasn’t been anymore sore than normal and I love pushing my body this week as I am trying to get back to normal mentally, physically, and spiritually!

I am excited that this season of my life I get to say YES to these two A LOT MORE!!!!!!


Question: Are you doing anything to find balance in your life right now? What are you trying to find balance in?


10 responses to “Summer Detox So Far & RX+Week”

  1. Do you want to borrow my canning stuff?

  2. Kelsey Yoki Avatar
    Kelsey Yoki

    I’m attempting to find balance to start up a blog and really just need to DO IT. It is something I’ve been longing to do. This weekend “feels right”, so I think it will happen. I am also just trying to balance my day as it comes, and not take it too seriously.

  3. Brittany @ proteinandpumps Avatar
    Brittany @ proteinandpumps

    Your garden looks A-MAZING! I try every day to make better choices and to eat cleaner and rely less on processed foods. It’s crazy what’s in a lot of foods that are presented as “healthy”.

  4. That pina colada sorbet looks super yummy! I’m gonna have to try that sometime before summer ends.
    Love following your summer detox on Instagram! It’s always motivational to see your workouts and refreshing meals 🙂

  5. What a wild adventure you must be on now…getting settled into your new normal!

  6. LOVE it! I’m so glad you’re getting to stay home more!

    1. Bobbi from nhershoes Avatar
      Bobbi from nhershoes

      ME too! Still kinda weird, but loving it:)

  7. What a gorgeous garden! I need to join in on your detox next go round. I had a family reunion this time and knew it wasn’t going to work. Hopefully, the next go round. I will just have to enjoy watching from afar.

    1. Bobbi from nhershoes Avatar
      Bobbi from nhershoes

      YES girl you should so sign up!

  8. That smoothie looks amazing! I really want to participate in your detox but I honestly thing I was scared. It is something I should and need to do for my body but is so hard for me to give up certain things. I love learning new healthy ideas and hopefully one day I will be able to do this as well!