Today felt like SUMMER!

I sooooo miss being out for three months to play, but today I got a little taste of summer fun!

First an offsite meeting for work at my favorite local lunch spot, the Olive Market.

One amazing avocado turkey sammie!


And my favorite Peach Izzy! Summer in a bottle!


I taught one heck of a KB class and hit up some kettlebells!!! My arms are toast!

As if my day couldn’t get any better I got a call from my Mom letting me know my little bro RA was playing a gig at a local pub for open mic night. The show didn’t start till 10 so I enjoyed a yummy veggie sammie while I chatted it up with my Momma.


Love her!


I felt so young tonight being out on a “school” night past 11!! I am sure I ll pay for it tomorrow 😉



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