Summer Salad Repeat

So guess what? I did get in that mid morning nap! I laid down after blogging this morning and had a wonderful 20minute power nap with Hubby! I am still dragging a bit and I can’t wait to get in bed tonight, but I am pushing through.

To keep me going today I had some yogurt, half of an Oatmeal Luna Bar, and a spoonful of PB all mixed together.


I know the Luna Bar isn’t exactly clean food, sorry Heather, but it was better then the alternative! For lunch I had a summer salad repeat!!! I think I could eat these everyday if I took the time:) Romani mix with apples,blueberries,walnuts,goat cheese, strawberries, and some balsamic.


I love putting balsamic vinegar in a spray bottle, it gets all over every piece of lettuce and it’s just the right touch!


I had two ww pita’s with it as well, and a mug of organic tomato soup!


I am ready for this talent show tonight to be over, I forgot to mention that I was the first Napoleon Dynamite! I did a solo dance in 6th grade to a funky “Buffy the Vampire Slayer" soundtrack song! I wore a orange and white jump suit, I so wish I had a picture to show you all!!!


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