Good morning friends 🙂 It’s a bit weird being off on a Saturday!! But no complaints as it is 7:30am and I am still in my PJs!


Last night I hit up the 6:30pm Hot Yoga class and it was so wonderful. The best part is, my running buddy Suzie came, blogger friend VAL, and good friend Sarah. It’s bring a friend FRIDAY at my studio, LOVE IT! Nothing like practicing along side friends 🙂 I felt a lot more open last night, not as tight as the past two days. I am still pretty wiggly on the mat, I am trying to work on using my core for balance and really planting my feet into the ground.


This morning I tried a new cereal. Nature’s Path sent me some Crunchy Maple Sunrise that has been sitting in my cupboard for a while and I thought it was about time I tried it out.


MMMMMM! Love it! All you Gluten Free friends and everyone else go get some!


I also used a little peppermint coco in my coffee.


Breakfast in my PJs just the way I like it 🙂


So I have decided against banditing the race. I mean it’s not really that bad, but I would still feel so fake! So instead I have decided to get some friends together and just do our own Holiday 10K. We can dress up, take pics, and just have a good time for FREE!!! I was so inspired my a readers outfit she wore during her race this morning!

Time to get ready for yoga!!

On the agenda:

  • Hot Yoga
  • Clean Garage and Back Yard for party
  • Bake Cookies
  • Holiday Wine Party 🙂


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