Super Bowl Plans

Hey guys sorry about being MIA last night. I had my Women’s study and a friend over for dinner so no time for blogging, but I did manage to make a delicious dinner.

Chicken Tacos with all of the fixins.


Under the cilantro haystack was grilled veggies, fat free refried beans, and avocado.


Topped with a little salsa and wrapped in a WW tortilla. 


On the side some of Grandmas Leftover Potato salad. My friend thought potato salad with Mexican food was very odd, but it’s totally normal to me. Is having potato salad with Mexican food just a ME thing or a Mexican thing???


Our Women’s (Marriage) Study was great. Last night we talked about letting go of the past and forgiving our spouse not only with our words, but with our actions. Marriage is something that can be easily taken for granted and there is much to be learned about keeping it strong and healthy. I am glad that I am starting now!!


This morning I woke up at 5:45am without an alarm, a lot different then yesterday! I guess my internal alarm CLOCK does work 😉 I miss the days that I had no problem waking up at 5:30 to go for a run. I can’t wait to start my marathon training, 10 more days!!!


It was a little extra cold in our house this morning so I made some banana whipped oats to warm me right up 🙂


While cooking them, I added mashed banana instead of  half of a chopped banana.


The mashed banana made my Oats a lot more fluffy and caramelized! Thanks Niki for the tip!


Toppings: chopped almonds, mini morsels of chocolate, Zoe’s Granola, and a spoonful of AB.


Can you believe it’s already Thursday?? Where has this week gone?!! Hubby and I are throwing a big Super Bowl party this weekend and I haven’t even started planning. I am making chili and everyone else is bringing appetizers and drinks, so I don’t have too much to do. But between now and then I have Thursday Night Group, Kickboxing, a Spring Sporte Meeting, Seeing a Movie(When in Rome) with a friend, a Baby Shower, and a Birthday party. Breathe Bobbi Breathe It’s all good.


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Question: What are your plans for the Super Bowl??

I just like having the party for the food 😉


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