Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

Date night was canceled this evening. Hubby got a chance to fill in for a softball game, and being the amazing considerate wife that I am of course I wanted him to play!!


I love watching baseball/softball, in the words of Eating Bender, “ it screams summer to me!” I can’t wait to go to a Dodgers game this summer!! There something about baseball that just warms my heart up, I think it’s the history of it all.

Kind of like my Rainbow Flip Flops, they so scream summer to me!


I knew that I would have to bring my dinner to the ball game, because I rode my bike straight to the ball park from work. That’s another point for  TSL challenge. Today at work we had leftover veggie burritos (I know this was my second burrito in one day), I grabbed one and heated it up before I left.


This burrito was filled with zucchini, eggs,potato and other yummy warm veggies. It was FREE , which was the best part!


Along with a very tiny Gala Apple, I brought from home.


There was a bake sale at school today, so you know I had to support! I bought two of the most amazing chocolate oatmeal cookies I have ever tasted in my life!!! I am hoping to steal the recipe from one of the moms! I waited all day to savor this cookie! Check out the gooey goodness on my fingers!!!


I didn’t do so HOT at  Raw Wednesday, but at least I had my Green Monster!! Oh and I almost forgot my afternoon snack!  


I had a Thomas’ Hearty Grains Double Fiber English Muffin, with Organic Vanilla Stonyfiled fat free Yogurt, topped with some strawberries!!! WOW, this might be a new favorite!  

I am currently enjoying an avocado and mint mask and about to hit the hay!! I am excited to sleep in a little tomorrow my Kettlebell class isn’t until 8:45am. I know my body will love me for letting it rest a little:)



Today I racked up the TSL points!

4 points for transportation(biked to cafe, biked to bus, took bus, biked to ball field)
3 points for meals
1 point for not spending money for dinner at all!!!
1 point for going to a free ball game instead of spending money for date night!

9 points total!!

I have a Half Ironman this weekend, I will share all about it in the morning!!! Stay tuned….

Time to get the mask off!!!

P.S. I felt much more energetic today, but still had some major tummy issues!!! I plan on eating completely CLEAN tomorrow and try and figure out what is upsetting my tummers!


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