There is so much to say about this Thanksgiving Day, so instead I will just let these pictures capture the highlights of our beautiful Holiday celebration!

Thanksgiving dinner #1 at the FIL
Hanging around waiting for Thanksgiving dinner #1
I would love to have a porch swing at our day…one day!

Being silly as always with the Hubby on the farm.

All of the wonderful food, couldn’t fit it all in.

This blackberry cobbler was Divine!
FIL AKA Benton, uses a true “southern” band aid

Here is a picture of the feast, I had two plates. The first one had a little stuffin (or dressing as they call it in the south), cranberry’s, purple hole peas, mashed taters, olives, celery, and come sweet pickles. All veggies were grown in FIL’s garden. I skipped the rolls I knew I already had enough starch on my plate! I missed some good Ole yams! As you can see for dessert, I had some cobbler with a little light cool whip, and a bite of this cherry pie! Hubby has a very small family, at this feast it was his dad, his dad’s girl friend Sam, her daughter Dana, hubby and I. I am not used to this at all the TRUJIILLO-CLASBY clan, is huge!!! I hope to have lot’s of little one’s to add to this clan, one day not any day soon:)

After dinner, we went out to the farm to feed the goats, birds, and many dogs! I love visiting the farm, that’s right just visiting!!! I am a city girl kinda.

Hubby our entertainer for the night!

We left at 5pm and had to drive 5 hours back to Nashville to the SIL’s, here is a what hubby and I did to entertain ourselves!!!! This video is a PG-13 there are some others out there that were questionable.

Thanksgiving dinner #2

Before we hit the kitchen this morning, I ran a 11 mile run, on Stones River Battle field, SIL was so sweet to find it for me!!! How cool is that! The park was lined with REAL HISTORY, I could not have been more happy anywhere else. It was such a great run, I had two pieces of toast with PB before I left, and stopped by Sbux for a dopio espresso for a good kick. I brought my Hammer gel, and a bottle water ( did not want a Tuesday repeat). I also had a recovery drink from Camelback for after the run. The park was lovely, lots of trails, and lots of people. Which was nice because I didn’t know the area very well and didn’t want to be stranded. The whole run I was encouraged knowing that all you lovely ladies were out there POTM with me! YOU ROCK!

Thanksgiving run stats:

Time: 1:29:13
Distance: 11 miles
Avg Pace: 8:07
Max Pace: 5:51
Total Calories Burned: 1323


Got back to the house and SIL had already had the ham cooked and was working away in the kitchen! I love the way the house smells on T-Day! I snacked on some Stony Mills Vanilla Yogurt with peaches and Kashi. I also had two of these amazing sausage cheese balls!!!

Here is all of the yummy food! I made a sweet potato souffle with a mirange topping! I will post the recipe later because it will now be a staple in our house!

My plate

Turkey, sweet potatoes, a little dressing, cream cheese corn, purple hole peas, mac and cheese, one deviled egg (that’s a first for me), green bean casserole and some mashed taters. As you can see southerners aren’t into SALAD!!! We had dinner at 12:30pm so we had seconds for dinner forgot to take pics, was a much smaller plate.

Also I had a small piece of a NO PUDGE brownie, and pecan pie.
Didn’t finish the pie but ate the whole brownie!!! I had a small cup of black coffee too, which was perfect to balance out the sweetness.

Here is my Sweet Potato Souffle

My three Nephews wrestling with the hubby!

Me and the SIL ( Michelle)

Hubby and I, she already has her Christmas tree up!

Well this concludes our Thanksgiving Holiday, we fly out early in the morning. I felt good for the most part about my food choices, except my appetite has shrunk so I couldn’t eat as much as I used to! Which is good but bad because I got full way to FAST!!! I am glad I ran so much this week because of all the yummy food we have eaten I got to really enjoy, I hope I had those flexible pounds!
I had a wonderful time here in the south, hanging with old friends and family was such an adventure over this beautiful Holiday! When I get home I already have a huge list of things to do, so tonight I will sip my tea and kick up my feet to enjoy this fabulous ending. Hope you all had fun with friends and family on this HOLIDAY!!!!


3 more days
to POTM, just to let you know you can count November 30th as a run day as long as you finish and send me your total miles to by 12am pacific time.


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