Alright guys here is a list of all that are running tomorrow morning!!!! Feel free to leave a comment if you are not on this list. I wanted to do this so that we can ALL including myself be encouraged and PUMPED up for tomorrows run, to POTM!!!!

Lacey Nicole: 4 miles
Meghann: 11 miles
HangryPants: 5 miles
Andrea (Off Her Cork): between 2.5 and 3.0 miles
dryerlynt: 5 miles
just me: 10k Turkey Trot
Mica: 10 k Turkey Trot
Catherine: 10k
Caitlin (see bride run): 9 miles
therunningaddict: 3.5-4 miles
Kelsey: 6 miles

Me: 11 miles

If you need some good tunes to run with check out the Biggest Loser Workout Mix, I am downloading it right now to have it to run with!!!! I hope you all have a Thankful Thanksgiving, I leave you with this beautiful Thanksgiving day poem. BE THANKFUL YOU CAN RUN & THAT YOU HAVE FOOD:) !!!!


Cranberries dripping down my chin

Have stained my pilgrim suit.

I ate too much Thanksgiving day

But I don’t give a hoot.

I slurped a pile of dressing,

Gobbled down a turkey thigh,

Dribbled messy cranberries

Devoured some pumpkin pie.

Within me on this special day

It’s a thankful heart that beats.

For all the things that I enjoy

But mainly for the eats.


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